Character 3D Modeling for Computer Games, Film & TV, and 3D Printing from just $450

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3D Print Ready

From $450
Image Description
  • Suitable for FDM, SLA/DLP Prints
  • High-poly Sculpted Geometry
  • Watertight STL Output
  • Pre-print Quality Assurance
  • Movable Parts (Optional)
  • 3D Printing (Optional)
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Real-time Ready

From $750
Image Description
  • For Games and Simulation
  • High-poly Sculpted Geometry
  • Clothing Modeling
  • Optimized Low-poly Bake
  • Optimized PBR Textures
  • Unreal / Unity Setup (Optional)
  • Rigging (Optional)
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Production Ready

From $1200
Image Description
  • For TV, Film and VFX
  • High-poly Sculpted Geometry
  • 4k Production Textures
  • Character Hair and Fur (Groom)
  • Character Clothing FX (CFX)
  • Rigging (Optional)
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* Prices may vary based on the complexity of your character.
Feature by: Mikel Izaguirre

Character Production Workflow

Our Heroes work with your concept character designs to bring your character to life in 3D!

  • 1.

    3D Blockout

    The base geometry is created to capture the weight and proportions of your character.

  • 2.


    Additional finer details are sculpted onto the blockout of your character

  • 3.

    Retopology / Optimization

    Your high-poly model is transformed into a clean low-poly optimized model.

  • 4.

    Unwrapping and Baking

    High-poly details are mapped on to your low-poly character.

  • 5.

    PBR Texturing

    Physically based textures are produced for the model and exported to a texture atlas.

3D Model by: Natalia Gutiérrez
Concept by: Mahealani Rodrigues

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Have your character produced by industry professional character artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More information can be found on our Help Center.

Typically, characters will be produced within 15 - 30 days, but this time is largely dependent on the type of character production service you require and the complexity of the character you would like to have produced.

Yes. We work with our artists to produce one or many characters for your project. When ordering the service, please provide the list of characters you require.

Yes. We will ensure that the final character production matches your provided reference and designs, given at the start of the project, as close as possible.

Characters will be produced with a single outfit specified in the reference you provide. Additional outfits, weapons or accessories can be produced at additional cost.

Reference imagery is required in order to produce your character. This may include concept designs or illustrations showing the character front, side and back views.

If you can provide additional reference in the form of mood boards and concepts, our artists will be able to produce a more accurate representation of your character.

We can help! We have specialist character concept artists that can work with you to produce the character to your specifications.

Request character concept designs.