Glossary of 3D & CGI Industry Terms

Helping to demystify terms used in the CG industry.
Don't know the difference between pixels and polygons? No problem, we will get you up to speed on the lingo!

What is a Prop Artist?

A prop artist creates assets and items that populate the virtual worlds they exist in

19 August 2020

What is PBR Texturing?

The process of creating digital two-dimensional images which includes realistic or stylised color and surface details.

20 August 2020

What is a Concept Artist?

A Concept artist is one of the key people that brings creative ideas into visual artwork using 2D/3D art techniques.

18 August 2020

What is 3D Modeling?

The process of creating a digital three-dimensional object using specialist 3D modeling software.

20 August 2020