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Top Requested

Custom 3D Modeling

Our Heroes will work with you to produce 3D models to your unique specifications.

Production Ready

High polygon, detailed and sculpted surfaces, suitable for close-up visualisation.

Real-time Ready

Low polygon, optimised models, perfect for games, AR & VR and real-time applications.

3D Print Ready

Constructive solid geometry suitable for 3D print and manufactured parts.

Top Requested Services

Helping you to expand your production capacity and deliver on deadline. From pre-production design and concept through to post-production rendering and VFX.

Concept Art & Design

Pre-production conceptualisation of game assets ready to hand off to the 3D production team for modeling.

3D Modeling

Industry standard production from high poly detailed sculpting to retopology, unwrapping and baking final assets.

Materials & Textures

Latest spec photorealistic PBR textures and materials produced by our network of dedicated texture artists.

Top Requested 3D Assets

We are able to produce content across all object types and for your specific application. From low poly 3D models for real-time applications to production ready high poly 3d models for film and post-production.

Characters & Creatures

High poly sculpt and low poly optimized character and creature assets for AAA games and blockbuster films.


Working from existing CAD data, blueprints or photographs to produce accurate and visually stunning automotive models.


Providing the production of buildings and site plans through to photorealistic visualisation of exterior and interior shots.


Highly detailed and photorealistic electronics 3D models and product renders to increase customer appeal.

Retail & Furnishings

Your retail products converted into full digital 3D models. Ready for rendering in any angle and configuration.

Fashion & Jewelry

Increase product engagement and product sales conversion by providing customers with amazing visuals.

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Unlocking CGI Talent

We source the very best CG talent, matched to your unique project specifications.

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Creating a project is easy, with just a few questions to help us understand your project requirements.

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2. Heroes Assigned to Tasks

We match your tasks to the unique talent with the skills to deliver work to your specs and budget.

Receive Updates

3. Receive Updates

Our Heroes will send updates on the progress of your tasks and work with your feedback.

Assets Delivered

4. Assets Delivered

Your completed files are uploaded to the task and immediately available for download.

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