On Demand 3D & CGI Production

Seamless delivery of creative assets from approved industry talent matched to your project requirements.

Backed by Industry Pros

Our Most Popular Services

From pre-production design and concept through to post-production rendering and VFX, our community of Heroes has a diverse range of skills to match the needs of your CGI project.

Concept Art & Design

Pre-production art and design to set the vision of any creative project, inspire production artists and designers and create assets ready for 3D modelling.

3D Modeling

Industry-leading 3D asset creation, bringing to life low and high poly assets for a wide selection of projects from real-time to pre-rendered visualization.

Materials & Textures

Cutting-edge photorealistic textures and materials produced by our network of dedicated texture artists.

Our Most Requested 3D Assets

Our Heroes work with clients from all areas of industry, creating 3D assets for games, architecture, automotive, fashion and beyond.

Characters & Creatures

Bringing to life characters and creatures for AAA games and blockbuster films.


Working from existing CAD data, blueprints or photographs to produce accurate and visually stunning automotive models.


Using 3D visualisation of exterior and interior shots to produce photorealistic buildings and site plans.


Enhancing the consumer appeal of electronics products with highly detailed and photorealistic 3D models and renders.

Retail & Furnishings

Digital doubles of retail products that can be viewed from any angle and in any configuration ready for use online or in-store.

Fashion & Jewelry

Detailed jewellery and fashion assets with up-close views needed to increase sales conversion and demonstrate the quality of the product.

Top Requested

Custom 3D Modeling

Our Heroes will work with you to produce 3D models to your unique specifications.

Production Ready

High polygon, detailed and sculpted surfaces, suitable for close-up visualisation.

Real-time Ready

Low polygon, optimised models, perfect for games, AR & VR and real-time applications.

3D Print Ready

Constructive solid geometry suitable for 3D print and manufactured parts.

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