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hello my name is juliao da silva I am a 3d modeler I like the art around this world of game development


3D Modeling

Brazilian 3D generalist focused in 3D modeling(organic and inorganic) and animation. I also work with illustrations and concept art. Fluent in english. I'm open for new projects and oportunities!

I'm a 3D artist with a love for building FX and procedural materials. I have experience working on various projects ranging from VR/AR productions to games in the classical sense, as well as VFX for TV. I have worked at the following studio's as an intern: Post Office Amsterdam (VFX generalist), Little Chicken Game Company (3D generalist), Vertigo Games (3D Generalist) and various smaller freelance projects.

6 years experience in CGI, 3 years experience in GameDev.


3D Modeling VFX

The Game Forger is a game studio focused on art and design outsourcing for Virtual Reality, Videogames and Tabletop Games. Our team have more than 15 years of experience in different fields of 3d production.

I am an admirer of the 3D world, and my focus is on modeling characters, assets, props and sculptures.

I am a Graphic Designer with 3 years of experience and a 3D Artist with a focus on stylized modeling and optimization of game assets. Software that I work with: - Blender - Maya - 4D Cinema - Substance Painter - Zbrush - Unreal - Unity

Hi! I'm Philipp and my passion is to create characters for 3D printing, miniatures, collectibles, or concept sculpts. I have 10 years of experience in the browser/mobile gaming market as a 3D Artist and I always look forward to new challenges. happy sculpting Phil

PORTFOLIO: https://aaronfowler3d.com/ I'm a self taught artist and have been creating 3D art since the summer of 2011. I have experience working with various clients remotely as well as working in-house. I enjoy learning and am always trying out new techniques and workflows.

Hi Guys, My name is João Chibani, I'm Brazilian. I love what I do, but to me I have a thought of "It's still not good". so I'm always trying to improve, improve and further specify my work progress, every day I pick something different to do to have a more expanded work experience and notion. I also do not like to accumulate a lot of time in a single job, so when I start something, I do not rest until I finish it, but yes, everything in its time. I have a good experience in both sectors, both as CGI and in game engine, My focus has always been 3D for games but I've had great experiences with animation, being a generalist. My main area is environments and props, but I have experience with character modeling, but it is not strong skill.


3D Modeling
3D Artist

Immersed in Art Direction and 3D world. Fully focused on developing the best aesthetics for every kind of work. Always looking to study new techniques to use in my workflow and thereby create high quality images.

I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist, and also have experiencein 3D modelling sculpting. I have a BA (hons) degree in game art from Futureworks university and have done a variety of commission and freelance jobs, including working as a comic book illustrator while studying at university. I am a driven and adaptable artist, capable of working in a variety of styles. My strongest areas are character and prop design and illustration, however I have plenty of experience working with environment illustration too. When it comes to 3d work I have experience modeling and texturing hard surface models like props/weapons and environment pieces, as well as having worked in character sculpting, modelling and texturing, and some understanding of rigging.

I’m Thiago Vinicius. Born and raised in Curitiba - Brazil. A very cold and cloudy city ​​in southern Brazil. I am a Junior Technical Artist and VFX Artist. I consider myself a Multidisciplinary professional, having knowledge in different areas of game development.

I am a pro-active artist with a huge passion for videogames, and I am proficient in both Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max, skilled with hard surface modelling, and knowledgeable of the importance of good topology and UVs. Also capable of using my initiative to solve problems, along with being a good team player.

3D environment artist with one year of experience. Shipped two titles. Experience working in every part of the game pipeline.

I am a 3d artist living in Brazil, more focused on characters, but I like everything related to 3D. I meet deadlines, answer whenever possible and am very communicative and easy to work with.