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I'm a 3d artist, working for 3 years in the Archiz market, working with others 3d software, using it according to the client’s need. I'm an Architect and Urbanist, ensuring the certainty of a good reading of the project cautiously and accurately, delivering to you the high-quality models and renderings without the slightest stress. My services: - Architectural visualization - 3D modeling & rendering - Furniture rendering for sales - Photorealistic renderings - Deliverable 3D model

I live in Sao Paolo - BR and I'm student of Art and Human Anatomy forever. Modeler and Sculptor 3D.


3ds Max ZBrush

A complete 3d artist and vídeo editor, knowledge on 3D poly by poly, sculpt, UV, texture and rendering :D and studying rigging (struggling but improving!)

Hello, my name is Amy, I have recently completed a Game Art course at University and am now looking to pursue a career as a 3D Artist.

Hello, My name is Corentin Lalouette, i'm a French Junior Artist. I'm on a second year of a bachelor of 2D/3D game art and on my freetime I do some 3D environment, traditionnal/digital illustration or environemental 3D

Passionate 3D Generalist, with 3 years of hands-on experience in full cycle of creation game ready environments, props, texture sets for various game engines and pipelines, concept art, lighting and animation. I am eager to take on jobs of any size and complexity and able to complete these to the highest standard whilst always ensuring deadlines are met. I possess vast knowledge of content creation techniques and experienced with a variety of industry standard authoring tools. I am able to adapt quickly to new development pipelines, art styles and team structures.

I am a Full-time freelance 3D Artist. My main focus is characters but I have worked with Modeling/Lighting/Rendering for archviz and also modeling/texturing environments for games.

I have been working with CGI for more than 10 years, my work is more focused on product image and internal scenes, I currently direct a team, and we make the final image from the concept with post-production already. I do from image to animation, I've done several studies, from models to real-time, I'm used to making models in High and finishing in low.

Hi I'm Nathan, I am 25. I started learning 3d when I was 11, I studied video game art for 4 years in the HEAJ school in Belgium, then I worked for 6 months at EnodoGames in Nice, France. 3 years ago I became free-lancer. I have done a few 3d assets for Dekogon. I animated short documentary films for the Tahitian television. I'm currently still learning to master vfx for cinema and I will direct my first cg featured musical video clip later this year.

I am specialized in the creation of 3D graphics and content with the knowledge of several workflows to develop high-quality and functional props optimized for videogames. Always able to adapt to new technologies and pipelines, self-driven, responsible, Team-worker, leadership, and deadline-oriented are some of my professional skills.

I am a self taught game 3D artist specializing in hard surface modeling particularly weapons, and props.I have a high understanding of realistic texturing and modeling I always aim for speed, quality, and precision. In order to improve my art, I constantly try out new things and techniques.

I’m an experienced artist and have worked on many acclaimed titles. I’ve experience working on game ready hard surface assets(both organic and inorganic)

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Hello, my name is Tristan Roux. I'm a french Game Artist Junior. I consider myself as a props/environment artist on offline and real-time renderer engines. I can bake maps, texture and create simple animations as well as put them into engine.

Passionate 3d artist who passed a lot of AAA\AA\A\B Titles working as Level Designer\Environment\Props\Hardsurface and Character 3D Artisrt. Such projects as Control ( Team Lead 3D Artist on outsourcing), Cyberpunk 2077 (3D Tech optimization and optimization pipeline development on outsource), Borderlands 3 (3D Character Artist), Baldur's Gate 3 (Senior 3D Environement Artist in-house) working closely together with in-house team with big passion and resprect to feedback, trying to get as qualified stuff as possible. Also been working a lot with mobile VR apps as full stack level developer.

3D Environment Artist with a number of titles (released and unannounced) within the games industry. I specialise in Environment production, world building, and prop creation - with a wealth of knowledge of a number of different pipelines for PC, Console, VR, and Mobile development.

Hello my Name is Daniel but you can just call me Dan i specialize in hard surface and prop modeling using 3ds max and Zbrush and substance painter for texturing

im a interior designer im living in turkey and I have been working as an architect for 6 years.

My name is Denner Roberto and I work as 3d generalist in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. I have a degree in Computer Graphics from FUMEC university - Brazil (2015 - 2019) I am passionate about organic, hard surface modeling, and ilumination. I am new in the industry therefore open to learning oportunities!