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What is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is the process of creating a digital three-dimensional object often from real-world or 2D conceptual drawings. The process required specialist 3D modeling software and, depending on the complexity of the object, can take significant time to create.

What is the most popular 3D modeling software?

The software more commonly used will depend on the type of object that needs to be created and the required pipeline that the created 3D model will be used for.

ZBrush is the most popular 3D software for producing complex sculpted surface details, especially found on organic objects. 3ds Max is common in producing models for Games and Architecture, but used throughout the creative industry. Maya is also used throughout the creative industry, but debated as having better animation capabilities than 3ds Max making it a preferred choice for 3D models in Film and TV production. Blender is a free and open-source 3D modeling program that is growing in popularity across creative projects. Cinema4D is also a powerful 3D modeling tool but often used more widely by professionals in Motion Graphics, Film and VFX.

Each software has strengths and weaknesses, but 3D artists with mastery of each software will be capable of producing exceptional 3D models in any 3D modeling package. Below is the list of 3D software packages by popularity on our own platform:

For manufacturing and engineering projects that require the object to be accurately produced, the above software options would not be suitable. While creative 3D modeling software above can produce 3D models for small-scale 3D printing, they would not be able to create accurate parts for manufacture.

More common for this scenario is more commonly called Computer-Aided Design than 3D modeling. Below lists the most popular CAD software used by professionals on our platform:

What is required to start 3D Modeling?

Before 3D modeling can start, reference imagery must be provided for the 3D modeler to work from.

For creative projects including games and film, typically a Concept Artist will produce 2D conceptual drawings and art that can be handed to the 3D modeler. For example, a game character would have detailed front, side and back images of the character.

For objects that require more accuracy typically the 3D modeler will have blueprints and sometimes CAD drawings or models to work from.

How long does it take to make a 3D model?

This depends entirely on the complexity of the object that needs to be created and the Level of Detail (LOD) required for the object.

Simple objects that are primitive in shape and design can be produced in a matter of minutes or under an hour, a more complex object like a vehicle interior or engine with many components and shapes can take weeks to produce.

Generally, if the object would take a long time for someone to produce in the real-world due to complexity and number of components, it would also take longer for 3D artists to recreate digitally.

To save time and costs, you can consider simplifying complex objects. Details can be approximated or later Textured requiring less 3D modeling time to produce. For example, in Games, you would not need to produce all the details of an object. However, if you are in need of a hyper-realistic digital double of an object, it could take teams of 3D artists to produce over weeks or months.

How can I find a 3D artist / modeler?

You have certainly come to the right place! Our platform provides you with access to hundreds of 3D artists that have specialties in producing a range of 3D models. You can get started by creating a project and our team can assist in finding the right 3D artists for your project.

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