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I'm a passionate and creative 3D Artist with 12+ years of experience In 3D modeling And rendering and also animation. I believe I will satisfy you with my skills and help you visually present your projects with a high quality. I'm often Online, So please feel free to message me at Any time you need.

A freelance 3D artist with experience in Zbrush, ,Maya , 3ds Max , Keyshot and Photoshop/Illustrator. I have a strong understanding of human and animal anatomy that specializes in designing , low and high poly modeling, retopologizing, UV, texturing, and presentation.

Architectural Visualizer

We have a team with more than 5 years experience specializing in 3D. We are specializing in making 3D modeling, texturing, architecture in visualization, and many more. With our experience in more than 5 years working both national and international projects, we are ready to support your company producing the high quality result in a shorter time. So please contact me, and we can discuss about your brilliant ideas.

hi! my name is belaid ZIANE , im architect, 3D artist and graphic design, I have an experience of more than 3 years in the field of architecture, and more than 8 years in 3D, I started working with 3D software like sketchup, blender, archicad, ... since my second year in architecture. I do not only architectural visualization, but also product design, hardsurface modeling , photorealistic design, logo design.

3D Artist

VisCo CG is a team of 50+ experienced and enthusiastic 3D artists who specialize in creating AR/VR interactive solutions and 3D visualization, Over the past decade VisCo has delivered over 500 successful visualization projects worldwide.We’ve produced 3D visuals for such brands as Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Nakheel, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Regency Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises.

Architectural Visualizer

I am an Architect and a design artist, I have an experience of 4 years in the field, I have made and participated in several projects and gone through different steps of project making. I am a passionate of my job and all I seek for through this opportunity is my client satisfaction and my accomplishement to the job required as perfect as it should be.

Euexia Architecture is a multidisciplinary firm formed by two young amoebic architects who have chosen to put all their accumulated knowledge of their different experiences in the development of theoret and contemporary concepts in architectural projects.

We are a high-end 3d rendering studio, who's main focus is archiving the fastest and the best possible result. We are specialized in creating photorealistic rendering images, VR 360 and videos. We only do architecture work.

3D Artist

I’m looking to provide services in high-end product design, cinematic, advertising and media directed asset creation. As a freelancer, I've worked on different projects for individuals as well as companies, varying in complexity and requirements. Usually working on: - 3d product visualizations and animations. - 3d modeling for 3d printing, prototyping, mould making/manufacturing. - Creating custom 3d game assets for Unreal Engine, Unity and other engines. Skills: • Polygonal/Sub-d modeling, sculpting, retopology • UV mapping, PBR texturing • Product Design • 3d Product Visualization • Animation • Rigging (bone and pose morph) • Facial Motion Capture • Other

3D Character Artist

Hi, I am a 3D Character Artist with 5+ years of professional experience. I specialize in organic sculpting and real-time characters for video games. I love video games and I love creating the immersive worlds and characters that go into them!

Tokkun Studio is a visual development studio dedicated to creating high-end art for most celebrated entertainment companies in the world. Since 2006, our experienced staff (come with up to 20 years of industry experience) have contributed design more than 200 projects for some of the most successful franchises in games and film and became one of the most prolific and experienced studio on the market. Tokkun Studio is located in France & Japan (Kyoto).

Architectural Visualizer

I am an architect that specializes in architectural visualisations and renderings. I am an experienced modeler and CG artist. Other than archiviz, I have experience in product design. I've worked as a lead designer and co-manager for a US based company that created translation and communication devices.

We create photorealistic architectural visualizations for Developers and Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, Custom Home Builders, Architects... By hiring us you are getting excellent quality services provided by experienced designers with more than 10 years on this area. Our visuals do not only aim to display your development but to inspire your audience to feel at home and to leave a lasting impression with them.

We're a computer graphic studio focused on creating breath-taking visualization content. We offer a large spectrum of visualization services (from architectural visualization to VR, 3d modeling, exterior and interior renders, animation, and a lot more). Emotional, precise or conceptual – our approaches are limitless!

Specializing in Virtual Reality, Architectural Visualization, CGI/3D Animation, we produce stills and animations for print, broadcast media and the real estate market. We have worked with both local and global clients on a number of projects.

I am Architect & Interior designer with eight years of professional experience that I gained working on different projects in the past. Fields of my expertise in Architecture implies: public, residential buildings, interior design, 3D modeling and visualization. I am proficient in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and SketchUp. For 3D visualization and realistic renderings I use 3ds Max ,VRay and Photoshop. I am creative, fast and deadline oriented. I look forward to help you and make your project remarkable.

SkandiVisual is a 3D architectural visualisation studio aiming to help architect firms and real estate investing companies to visualize their vision.

CG artist since 2005 experienced in traditional UK housing and international contemporary buildings visualizations. Mostly, I start modelling in Revit or ArchiCAD after which I make images in 3dsMax with V-ray. After that, I use Photoshop for post-production.

I'm an architect that draws. I do my projects in Archicad and then put 'em in Cinema 4D. I also draw in ZBRUSH. But I can't RIG and ANIMATE characters.

3D Artist

3d modeling, render/visualisation specialist, 3d animation, after effects, photoshop post work, CAD, 3d print preparation, scifi concepting

Architectural Visualizer

Rstyle 3D is a Visual Communication Agency focusing on Animation production, Interactive, VR and 3D Renderings production for Property Development, Architecture and Advertisement. 7 Facts about Rstyle 3D -Founded in 2004 -Team Size: 12 professionals -The team is split in two: 50% artists & designers - 50% architects -We dedicate a special team to every project so every we deliver we do it with the VIP service -Regular delivery time for the first drafts: 4-5 business days -Rush: 12-24 h