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I work in all of the finalizing-part of distance education courses. Including editing, animation, VFX (Chroma Key), texts and audio. I've also worked in design at a agency focused on social media.

Hello! I'm Anderson and I'm a 3D artist and a photographer. I have a achelor's degree in industrial design. I am very passionate about the world of computer graphics, with a special interest in 3D modeling and textures.

3D generalist interested in creating realistic modeling and sculpting.

We are Professional Animation Studio who have experience 10+ years working at Animation Industry OUR HAPPY CLIENT : -Nickelodeon -Tiny Island Singapore -Disney Asia and many Big Company who Already using my service

I am a 3D artist in love with games, anime and the whole geek universe, I started to create interest in the arts of small children, during my learning in the arts I was perfecting my skills in 3D to the point that I realized that 3D was the way that I should follow, nowadays I work a lot with characters of all types in 3D and scenarios in the most diverse formats and styles, but I also perfected myself in the creation of any type of 3D product, currently I live in São Paulo for over a decade and today I am located in the Republic living with my two children.

Hey, I've professionally worked for Yoozoo Games and 300 Entertainment before, I also worked in a small indie team.

My name is William Silva, currently working with character modeling and dev look, I love animated cartoon films and games.

I am a 2D artist my expertise is in 2D concept arts and 2D portrait. I have started 3D modeling a year ago, Now trying out my skills with this platform

I have always been passionate about the arts, since I was a child I watched drawings and wanted to discover how they moved. Hence my curiosity and my search for knowledge, I studied design in schools like RedZero and Saga and since 2014 I work with design! Of course I wanted more, and I went looking for things I love to do, like working with the 3D world.

Specialization in general modeling (characters / props) using mainly: Blender, Zbrush, Substance and Photoshop.

Specialization in general modeling (characters / props) using mainly: Blender, Zbrush, Substance and Photoshop.

I´m learning 3D, but I can help you with some small projects.


3D Modeling



I work with 2D design for over 3 years and I have been studying 3D modeling and 2D art for 5 years. I want to help them in works in the areas of 2D and 3D art (modeling).

Artist with four years of experience in game art in general. Work in projects as illustrator, concept artist and 3d generalist. I am passionate in learning various skills inside this career.


Blender Photoshop

Hello, My name is Maykon Gomes I live in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. I am a 3d artist focused on realistic / stylized characters. The workflow that is normally stored is: zbrush, substance painter, maya or blender to perform retopology, lighting and also to render, whether with arnold, vray, cycles or eva and also has knowledge with photoshop to perform post-production .

Olá, sou um modelador iniciante no blender com habilidades em criação de modelos 3D em geral, você pode conhecer mais sobre meu trabalho no instagram @Takezosama and Artstation Junior Takezo Sama



I am a Berlin based visual graphic artist from Japan.Colorful idea and comprehensive experience of creating work for the editorial, advertising and design industries.

For 5 years I have been working as a freelancer in the areas of 3D modeling and related things. I provided services for small and large companies and also for indie groups, and I am pleased to know that I met the expectations of all of them. My principle is professionalism and dedication at work, being helpful to the customer and always maintaining quality and agility. Always respecting the delivery time and dialogue of both parties.

I'm an experienced Game Developer having 2 years of experience in the field of: - Game Development for iOS, Windows and Mac using Unity3d - 3D Modelling & 3D Animation using Blender - 2D Graphics, Designing & Sketching I am very passionate, hard working and honest individual. I am a good time keeper and am always willing to learn new skills. I am friendly, helpful and polite, always filled with curiosity and passion for work. I'm able to work independently in busy environments and also within a team setting.


Blender Unity

Concept artist, designer and educator with a background strongly rooted in traditional Fine Arts and their importance in effective Visual Design. I have an unending passion for video games and the emotive story’s they can tell, I truly believe that they are one of the most beautiful and honest forms of communication because of the diversity of the medium and the unique experiences given to the player.