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What is a Prop Artist?

Prop Artists create 3D objects to populate virtual spaces, in Games, Movies, and VR. They work closely with Level Designers to give an environment visual interest and to help tell a given story, such as dirt and grime to convey age

What is a Prop Artist?

A Prop Artists are tasked with the creation of assets, filling the area and environments with interest and life. A prop could be something as simple as a table, or more complex like a broken-down truck. Most Prop Artists will use concepts or visual image references to create 3D models - these are usually optimized to be performant on the given platform they are intended to be displayed on, such as in a games engine.

Image created by our Hero: Erfan

Texturing is usually done by the same artist who created the 3D model, but sometimes this is done by a dedicated Texture Artist. This portion of the creation process enables a lot of artistic freedom with the ability to add wear and grime to convey a sense of age in the asset.

Artists could find themselves working on organic assets such as trees and plants, hard surface items like handheld weapons, or anything in between. Usually, they are also expected to take the items produced from start to the final destination, so knowledge of game engines, like Unreal Engine or Unity, is expected.

Image created by our Hero: Maxemski

Software used by a Prop Artist?

The software more commonly used will depend on the type of object that needs to be created and the required pipeline that the created art will be used for.

Prop Artists are usually a generalist when it comes to the expected software they use, ranging from typical DCC modeling packages like Autodesk Maya, used throughout the creative industry, but debated as having better animation capabilities than Autodesk 3DS Max, making it a preferred choice for 3D models in Film and TV production. Blender, a free and open-source 3D modeling program that is growing in popularity across creative projects, to sculpting software like Pixologic Zbrush, a popular 3D software for producing complex sculpted surface details, especially found on organic objects, and Autodesk Mudbox, a popular 3D sculpting and painting tool.

Image created by our Hero: Ricardo

How can I find a Prop Artist?

You have certainly come to the right place! Our platform provides you with access to a plethora of Prop Artists that have specialties in producing a range of styles. You can get started by creating a project and our team can assist in finding the right artists for your project..

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