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3D & CGI Pricing Guide

Cost of 3D & CGI Production

Each project is unique in terms of complexity and requirements. Our experience working across hundreds of projects gives us unique and valuable insights to be able to provide you with cost estimates quickly and accurately for your project.

Pricing Examples

3D Production Pricing Examples

3D assets are the building blocks to most CGI production and often require the largest portion of the production budget. Below we break down the typical costs for common 3D asset types, complexity levels and options across price points.


From $600
  • Entry to Junior Level Talent
  • 5 to 10 Production Days
  • Simple Modeling Complexity
  • Simple Textures and Materials
  • Basic Biped Rigging


From $1,600
  • Junior to Mid Level Talent
  • 10 to 15 Production Days
  • Mid-level Sculpting
  • Mid-level Modeling Complexity
  • Simple Textures and Materials
  • Simple Biped Rigging / Facial Morph Targets


From $3,600
  • Mid to Lead Level Talent
  • 15 to 30 Production Days
  • Detailed Sculpting
  • High Modeling Complexity
  • Detailed Materials and Textures
  • Hair and Groom Cards
  • Cloth Modeling and Simulation (Extra)