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Metaverse Content Creation

Your creative connection to the Metaverse. From virtual worlds to top quality custom avatars, our experienced artists can help you take the first step to explore a new virtual reality.

What is the Metaverse? Check out our introductory article - Metaverse Explained!

3D Virtual Worlds

The world of Metaverse is immersive and collaborative - a perfect digital option to help connect people in 3D from around the globe. Virtual worlds can be used for meetings, conducting staff trainings, hosting fun events and creating unforgettable retail experiences, a great fit no matter which industry you are in. CGHero can help you create the perfect environment for your specific needs, whether it be a realistic office space, a factory tour or even a fully equipped space station. Get in touch!

Custom Avatars

Dive into the Metaverse with a custom virtual 3D avatar, created to your exact specifications. From realistic to stylised models, our team of experienced artists can create the perfect avatar for you to start building your presence in the Metaverse.

Custom NFTs

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital signatures created on pieces of data (Blockchains) that have skyrocketed to fame with the introduction of the Metaverse. Are you interested in jumping on the bandwagon, but don't know quite where to start? Would you like to have a custom piece created specifically for you? You have come to the right place.

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"CGHero worked with us to create a stunning 3D virtual environment for use within the Metaverse. It is always a pleasure working with the team at CGHero, the artists they have are incredible skilled and the quality of work always comes back amazing."


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