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Metaverse Explained

What is the Metaverse? Can I use it and how does it work? We take a look at what the Metaverse really means and what we can expect to see happening in the future.

It’s very likely that you’ve heard and seen the term “Metaverse” used over the last few months, with people discussing the different possibilities and what exactly it means. You’re not alone in wondering this, in fact there have been comparisons made to how people would ponder about the possible implications of the Internet back in the 1970s, without knowing the extent to which it would come to change the world.

In a way, the metaverse is a natural continuation to the Internet we all know today. It takes your everyday interactions, from chatting and working to gaming with your friends and puts it in a virtual space that is just like the real world, except you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Using current AR and VR technology, you can immerse yourself into these virtual worlds and interact with overlaying objects and people in the visuals projected in front of you, think ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Freeguy’, or ‘The Matrix’. It removes the challenges of logistics and allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere, seamlessly in 3D.

Is the Metaverse VR or AR?

It is actually a combination of AR and VR, also referred to as Extended Reality (XR). Today it is mostly being created on higher-end platforms such as PC and Gaming Consoles, which utilize the latest support for VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2, but this will evolve as VR tech and phone technology improves in the coming years.

When is the Metaverse coming?

Many of the foundational elements required to make the Metaverse a reality are already in place, which means we could potentially start seeing the first signs of a grand shift towards this within the next few years. Mark Zuckerberg estimates we will see the real migration happening by the end of the decade but with progressive technology, it could be much sooner. There are already prototypes being created and single metaverses where companies can hold their meetings or events. However, it is still missing the interconnected element that would allow a user to seamlessly move their avatar and belongings between the different metaverses.

Who can use the Metaverse?

The metaverse in its nature is collaborative, adaptable and endlessly customisable, opening up opportunities for people and companies from all industries to benefit from it. With a metaverse space, you can host big events, do company tours, hold meetings or arrange virtual retail showrooms.

Due to this, major companies are already rushing to get their foot in the door of the metaverse. A great example of this is Facebook, who has already invested up to $10 billion this year alone and changed their name to Meta in anticipation of this big shift. It’s important to note that while there will be many big players in the metaverse scene, like the internet, no one will be able to own it.

How can we help build you with building a metaverse?

CGHero has already helped a plethora of clients in the art creation for their own metaverse universes - these range from avatars for digital me’s to complete virtual 3D spaces for people to explore and collaborate in. Are you wanting your own portal into the Metaverse for you or your company ? Our experienced team can help source the best artists for your project and ensure it is delivered to your exact specifications. Get in touch!

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