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3D Artist

Brazilian 3D generalist focused in 3D modeling(organic and inorganic) and animation. I also work with illustrations and concept art. Fluent in english. I'm open for new projects and oportunities!

Hi.,, We hope you have a great day. We are a studio specialize in 3D. We are specializing in making 3D modeling, texturing, architecture in visualization, and many more. With our experience in more than 5 years working both national and international projects, we are ready to support your company producing the high quality result in a shorter time.


I started my career as a freelance video editor capturing and editing advertising material for the internet, in the edition that I realized that I really loved animation. From video editing I went to motion design, 2D cut-out animation, frame-by-frame until I finally reached 3D animation, and since then I have been working as an Animator, Rigger and Teacher for 7 years. During this time I developed animations for games and commercials, and currently I work as a CG Supervisor

I’m a part of a creative service agency WOW-HOW - a one stop shop for all your digital content, from 2D and 3D art/animation to video editing and post-production! I'd dare to say we are lords of animation and as much as masters of creative view! Here you can find our latest showreel https://youtu.be/ZpzSsTIpZY0

I am a character designer and story artist based in the United Kingdom. I design in quite an animated style but can vary styles within that genre.

We provide full production, as well as out source services for the gaming, TV, film, and education industries. Our services: 3D animation, 2D animation, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing Lighting and compositing, Concept design, Story board & Visual development. We work 24/7 to bring your vision to life through creativity, imagination, collaboration and our unique artistry. Operating from 4 continents, with years of experience, we never miss a deadline.