3D Game Environments

From short-term projects to long-term engagements, we provide highly detailed photorealistic to stylized 3D environment assets and props, created by our team of experienced artists.

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What we do?

3D Environment Services

Level Design Blockout

The initial process where we use primitive geomatric shapes to block-in the level designs, game environments and game art assets

Polish/Set Dressing

Taking the level design and adding all the assets into the level to create the scene

Composition & Lighting

Creating and adding the perfect lighting and mood to your environment

Hero Assets

Creating highly detailed key assets that bring your game to the next level

Modular Assets

The parts and 3D pieces that fit together to create easy to assemble 3D game environments

Post Processing & Effects

Add finishing touches to your complete 3D render, such as correcting small errors or adding various effects

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