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Preparing Grid Settings For Unreal Engine

This tutorial goes through setting up grid settings and scale in 3ds Max and Maya, and Unreal Engine ready to ensure your assets import correctly to the relevant scale.

Tutorial Overview

This documents outlines the process around setting up the units in 3ds Max and Maya to ensure your scale is correct when exporting assets from these 3D packages into Unreal Engine.

Important Information

One important element of scale to make note of before setting up is that 1uu (Unreal Unit) =1cm in real world scale.

Maya Grid Settings

Step 1:

First, we need to set the working units in Maya to centimeters.

  1. Go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences:


  1. In Preferences, head to Settings and make sure Linear under the Working Units tab is set to Centimeter


Step 2:

Next is to set up the Maya grid.

  1. Go to Display > Grid Options


  1. Under Size set the values as the following
  • Length and width: 1000 units
  • Grid lines every: 10 units
  • Subdivisions: 1


3ds Max Grid Settings

Step 1:

Go to Menu Bar > Customize > Unit Setup and change the units to Metric > Centimeters


Step 2:

Go to System Unit Setup > System Unit Scale > 1 Unit = 1.0 Centrimeters


Unreal Engine Grid Settings

Inside Unreal Engine 4 make sure that Measuring Tool Units are set to centimeters. It should be set like this by default.

Step 1:

  1. Go to Edit > Editor Preferences

  2. Under Level Editor > Viewports > Look and Feel: Measuring Tool Units > Centimeters


That should be it, you are ready to go!

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