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Auleek L

Registered: 1 year ago

The team at Auleek aspire to create new, innovative, and increasingly engaging solutions by using the latest in computing technology. Our artists craft life-like visions of yet-unbuilt structures, spaces and products, enabling your audience to experience your vision. We provide highly specialized solutions in the areas of architectural visualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, virtual tours, interactive applications, Game Asset development, etc


3D Modeling Architecture Visualization Hard Surface Modelling Level Design Look Development PBR Texturing Photogrammetry Retopology Texture Baking Texturing VR & AR


3ds Max After Effects Backburner CityEngine MARI Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer Maya NUKE Photoshop Premiere Pro SpeedTree Substance B2M Substance Designer Substance Painter Unity Unreal Engine V-Ray Vue World Machine XNA xNormal ZBrush

Adam V

Registered: 2 years ago

An indie Games, App and web developer with production skills in 3ds Max, Z-brush and Adobe CS6. Can produce real-time game assets, animations and artwork following specifications provided. Has a life-long passion for fine art, traditional art & design, life drawing and sculpture with a solid understanding of biological anatomy and the development of natural forms. Constantly learning and improving skills to produce the best content possible for interactive applications, websites and media.


3D Modeling 3D Scanning Animation Camera Tracking Concept Art Concept Design Decimation Digital Painting Hair/Fur Grooming Hard Surface Modelling Illustration Level Design Lighting Motion Capture Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photogrammetry Rendering Retopology Rigging Sculpting Storyboarding Texture Baking Texturing UV Mapping


3ds Max After Effects Agisoft CrazyBump CryEngine FumeFX Illustrator Marmoset Toolbag Maya Mental Ray MilkShape 3D PFTrack Photoshop Premiere Pro Softimage SpeedTree TopoGun UDK Unity Unreal Engine World Machine XNA xNormal ZBrush