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Arif O

Registered: 6 months ago

I have 15+ years of experience 3d animation, CGI and VFX sector. I'm a generalist, my expertise is 3d rendering, modeling, layout design animation film, and VFX. website: http://creawhite.com/ imdb profile: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7522140/


3D Modeling Animation Architecture Visualization Art Direction Cloth Simulation Compositing Hard Surface Modelling Layout Lighting Matchmoving Motion Graphics Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photogrammetry Shading Texturing VFX VR 360


3ds Max After Effects AutoCAD FumeFX Lumion Maya Metashape Mocha NUKE PFTrack Phoenix FD Redshift Twinmotion V-Ray

Dan M

Registered: 3 years ago

I'm Dan Marriott, a CG artist with a passion for exciting visuals. I'm primarily a hard surface modeling and texture artist, but I'm also skilled in lighting, animation and VFX. I can model high poly or low poly assets for use in film and game applications.


3D Modeling Animation Architecture Visualization Hard Surface Modelling Rendering Texturing


3ds Max After Effects Houdini Marmoset Toolbag Maya MODO Photoshop Quixel DDO Softimage Substance Designer Substance Painter Twinmotion Unity Unreal Engine ZBrush