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Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max; * Low & High poly modelling * Retopology * Spline modelling * Efficient uvw unwrapping * Texture baking ZBrush; * Low & High poly modelling * Sculpting Quixel Suite; * Creating realistic PBR texture in DDO * Creating normal map in NDO Substance Painter; * Creating realistic PBR texture * Light map bakeing 3D Coat; * Hand-painting stylized & painting texture maps directly on the UV * Exporting texture maps to Photoshop Photoshop; * Texture painting * Illustration drawing * Vector drawing * Image editing Marvelous; *Create simulated clothing and fabric

I have worked for various VFX film and series and Animated Series as an Asset having total Experience of 14 years and also have trained many artists for Asset development. My key strength is From Client brief to Client delivery of assets required for any Flim,Series or CG developments.


For the past few years, I have been co-founder and technical director of Pixelation Studios. I specialize in the production of cartoons, cinematics, teasers, etc. In addition to my leadership work I continued to develop my personal skills, mostly 3D rigging, texturing, rendering and compositing.

3D Character Artist

This is Vinoth having passion for a 3D modeling for over the years and has 3+ years of experience. By my passion, I learn How to Model and sculpt for games and production. I like to face and solve some unknown challenges. It helps me to learn and know some sort of skillsets and the ability to find the solution.

3D Character Artist

Senior 3D Character Artist, with over 15 years experience working in the gaming and animation industry.

3D Character Artist

My name is Mohamed Hesham,Founder of “CG StudioX” which is store specialized in selling 3D Models and doing Various Freelance 3D Project for many Clients. I have skills in (3D Modeling-2D Media -Organic Sculpting -Shading,Lighting and Rendering-Unwrapping clean UV's, texturing and texture painting-Haveing experience in 3DsMax, Maya, ZBrush,V-ray, Mari, 3D Coat, Topogun, Photoshop, Illustrator, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag , Quixel Suite, Keyshot,UVLayout,Knald,redshift.), My store https://www.cgtrader.com/cg-studiox

I'm a digital artist pasinated by 3D modelling and texturing for videogames, looking for profesional skills and experience adquisition.

3D Character Artist

3D Modeler/Digital artist with a strong focus in character creation for both realtime environments and production.

Hello. Im a 24 Year old, 3D Artist based in the UK with good communication skills. I am looking for commission for 3D modelling and sculptures, especially characters, however I'll only be doing 1 commission at a time, until I find more free time for the next project. Please check out my work below on the link below. I will be using a contract based work commission to protect both client and myself. https://www.artstation.com/ceddy

3D artist with a Game Art master's degree and 3 years of pro exprience in real-time 3D graphics, I specialize both in stylized, cute, low-poly art and realistic, high-poly art.

I have two years experience working in the industry and have worked on mobile and AAA assets and environments. My main area of focus is props but I also do Environment work.

I have been in the game/CG industry close to 6 years. I have a wide skill set involving in numerous stages of game development. I have worked on preproduction storyboarding and concept development to game development; Character and environment modeling. I have also worked on photogrammetry and 3d scans, turning data to game-ready assets.

3D Character Artist

Hi, I'm a french 3D character artist. I'm more into AAA realistic renders but I can easily adapt to various styles if needed. I love to meet new faces, don't hesitate to send me a message!

Hi I Want to show my interest and skill sets as an Environment Artist and Props artist at your organization as a Freelance Artist job role . I have six years Plus of gaming experience for many AAA title games of many reputed clients. Please Have a look on my Profile and let me know what else information is needed for further communication. Previously I have worked for BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT (Rocksteady Studios), Days Gone (Sony’s Bend Studio),Walking Dead (STARBREEZE Studios), Prey (Arkane Studios),Forza Horrizon 3 (Microsoft Studios), Dead island 2, Team Sonic Racing (SEGA) , Little Big Planet 4(Currently Working) Etc. My Portfolio link is bellow. Please have a look on them and let me know. https://www.artstation.com/artist/soumenaish http://soumenchandramandal.blogspot.in/ soumenpmandal@gmail.com Thanks And Regards Soumen +91 7887996409

I am a 3d Character artist, works in a game company. i have 6+ years of experiences in the game industry and the CG production as well. I have work in CG movie as Norm of the north,Descendants,Swann etc and also I have worked in game as War dragons, IGT, TSW(Train Simulator), and 2+ AAA Game character (not yet published). I am very passionate to create the character for games. I like to play RPG games such as GTA,RDR2,Withcer3 and also I play some multiplayer such TF2,Overtach. Thanks

I'm a freelance 3D artist with a strong preference for character modeling, I'm specialized in real time modeling including PBR texturing.

3D Character Artist

Hello, my name is Derran and I am a freelance 3D artist that have produced 3D work professionally for published games since 2015. My content includes 3D print for miniatures sculpts as well as video game ready assets including PBR texturing. I major in character creation but can function as a 3D generalist if needed. My portfolio can be found here www.artstation.com/derranviss on Artstation. Please consider me if you need a professional and dedicated artist for your next project.