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I am a semi-recent art school graduate always looking to improve my skills. I've always had an interest in both tech and art and after working dead end jobs for a long time I finally decided to take a chance on myself. I went back to college and graduated with Bachelor's degree in Game Arts and Design. I think I did pretty well, graduating with a 3.27 GPA, but in this field grades don't mean as must as your quality of work. This is why I'm always trying to improve my skills and I figured doing freelance work is a good way to do that.

I just recently finished working on the new Spongebob feature animation movie, at Mikros Animation Montreal. Prior to that I worked at MPC Montreal as a Lighting Artist, and I have 6 years of industry experience both in film and commercials, all around. I have experience in Maya and Katana, and Shotgun, also proficient in Arnold, Renderman and Redshift render engines. Here are my demoreel links. https://vimeo.com/306081994 https://vimeo.com/390681328 > password: jra_vfx

Thanks for taking the time to consider my services, which is to help industry, broadcast, gaming, Archiviz with any visual 3D assets. I'm a 3D Designer, and worked using it in several kind of market since 2012, I'm friendly, professional and commited with the deadline. I've been working creating assets for games and VR industry. 3D Modeler PBR Texturing and Shading for game engines. Photography and post production.

3D Environment Artist

uniFIVE Studios is a professional Outsourcing Service specializing in 3D Asset Production based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide management and an in-house team production of 3D Video Game Environment and Character assets starting from Pre-production design, Asset Production, to Technical 3D. Hope we can discuss as to how uniFIVE Studios can help you.

My name is Adam Kenyon and I am a freelance 3D Environment and Props artist, currently working at Ghost Story Games (formerly known as Irrational Games who made Bioshock). I also previously worked for Turbulent Designs working on Microsoft Flight and Train simulators. I studied a BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Technologies at the University of Portsmouth, specialising as a 3D environment artist. I am mostly self-taught and my primary specialties are modelling, texturing, sculpting and environmental design. My whole life has been based around computer game entertainment and I am very passionate about what I do. Before University education, I attended Fareham College, where I studied GCSE Photography and BTEC Art & Design, continuing on my studies, I had also achieved a BTEC in I.T.

The first time I touched a 3D Program I was only eleven years old. From this moment I was infected. As soon as I was able to buy my own PC I practiced and soon started to modifiy Games. Then I got my feet into the Industry at Keen Games, working as a 3D Artist on several titles from handheld to mobile and AAA Games. After almost eight years I figured it is time to try my own business as a Freelance Environment & Texture Artist.

I'm currently working as an Environment Artist at NGD Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main focuses of attention in my day to day are Substance Designer materials, Unreal shaders, scenes set dressing, modeling and texturing.

I'm a multidisciplinary visual artist with the experience of almost 3 years. Also I am well versed 3D Artist (last worked in Amazon.com, Inc for 2 years) specializes in making photo-realistic assets optimized for VR/AR/Mobile Gaming/PC/Consoles. Also well versed in conceptualizing/sketching wire-frame designs from scratch to finish.

3D Character Artist

I have over a decade of personal and professional experience as a 3D artist. I primarily work in the architectural world, although I also have character and creature modeling experience. I have provided renders to clients around the world, and to companies of all sizes.

I'm a Junior Environment Artist, currently working as a freelancer. I enjoy mechanical design and rendering as well as game-ready environment and prop work, I'm becoming increasingly interested in industrial design and concepting so you may also see some of my explorations into that now and then. Feel free to contact me any time with freelance asset creation or design opportunities, for a more detailed look at my Artstation or LinkedIn.

I'm an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, currently looking for my work to be exposed to the CG/Gaming and/or Film industry.

3D Animation graduate with a background in scenography and paid experience in VFX, illustration and graphic design, as well as mask making. I've also had art exposed in multiple galleries and have volunteering experience in illustration, game art and video editing. Currently based in Glasgow available for full-time work. I have leeway to work all over the EU as a Romanian citizen and have obtained pre-settled status in the UK. Showreel – https://vimeo.com/333953103

David is an experienced freelance 3D modeler and texture artist, specialising in characters and creatures/animals for the film and advertisement industries. He's equally capable to handle organic and hard surface models with good topology. He has experience in creating and preparing high resolution models for 3D print, making low poly assets for film and games (VR). He also has experience with 3D scan data and has a generalist background with understanding the whole VFX pipeline.

As far i remember I´ve always like to design , create and model everything from vehícles,characters,scenarios. With children mind wihout any skill or acknowldgement . I spent hours drawing, sculpting, and making histories for characters and héroes in my mind. This lead me to start a learning journey for different skills and techniques to the date , for becoming a Digital Artist.

3D Character Artist

I am Character focused 3D artist :) I love making stylized character/assets, but overall I love learning something new each day.

I'm a all-around amateur 3D artist and illustrator, I mostly enjoy working on hard surface models but can do organic models as well. Available for contact over skype/ discord/ mail for consultations. I'm new to the industry so keep that in mind! Willing to do most jobs within my skill set.

I have a solid background and education in 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, and rendering with a specialization in environments, props, product design, and vfx. For the last three years I have also become advanced in motion graphics. I have a professional background in graphic design and web design & development as well.

I'm a team-oriented 3d generalist with a proactive orientation focusing on environment art, technical art and VFX. I have a fast and efficient workflow optimized for video games and a strong knowledge of the Unity Engine incl. shading, particle effects and mecanim.

Creative key visuals and product labels. Great understanding of various printing techniques. Furniture: CAD design, rendering and texturing (wide range of live examples in my studio, as well as 3D materials) Recently exploring: Photogrammetry and 3D printing. Besides that: maker's economy and permaculture fan!