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3D Artist

A highly experienced CG artist, having worked at variety of 3D studios on a plethora of very diverse projects.

Vahid is a productive and passionate 3D creative designer and fx fluids 3D Artist and compositor. He combines creativity with particles, fluids, fire, smoke and dynamics to create unique 3d designs and visual effects. He is an advocate for lifelong learning and has delivered projects for clients worldwide over the last ten years. BA(Hons) 3D Animation and Design at Ravensbourne University London 2003-2006 Current Locations: London UK and Dusseldorf Germany

Whether You are a Startup or a Big Corporation, our mission is to help showcase Your Product and to help Your Viewers get better understanding of Your Product. More than ten years of experience in 3D | compositing. My services include the creation of 3D models and animations for the commercial advertising. Realistic 3D Product | Design | Explainer | Visualization | 3D Prototyping | Rendering | Animation I guarantee great attention to detail and on time delivery. - Realistic 3D Product Visualization | Rendering and Animation - Production of photo-realistic product renderings and animations - Automobile visualization - Interior visualization - Production of 3D content for print, advertising, games - 3D modeling low | high poly, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering - 3D animation | 3D visualization - Compositing | post production | VFX Software skills: Modo, Mari, Octane, Softimage | xsi, Redshift3D, Bmd Fusion Studio, Nuke, Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, Krita, Zbrush Available For Freelancing. 3D Artist | Daniel Brok

We are Creatives, Storytellers, Producers - a team dedicated to collaborate with visionaries, brands, production companies & agencies from all over the world to create outstanding content. Organized team with passion to make an impact with action. https://www.uraga.lt/

I'm a Freelance 3d Artist, I started this job around the 2005, at the beginning for commercials as 3d generalist for about 3 years, then I moved in Rome to work on an animated movie as 3d Senior Modeler. Since 2010 in the game industry as Lead Artist before in Forge Reply. In2016 I moved to Berlin in Bigpoint to work for an MMORPG based on Game of Thrones IP as Senior Character Artist. Now I'm back in Italy and I'm working as freelance remotely.

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D artist with a lot of experience in realtime and video game applications. I treat every project I work on as a unique challenge and focus on delivering the highest quality results possible within a reasonable time frame. I love taking a project from concept to completion, including the high and lowpoly modeling process, UVs, texturing and when applicable creating unique shaders to achieve unique visuals, a high level of technical quality and maximum performance.

3D Artist

My specialty is in "Hard-Surface" but also have a good familiarity with "Organic" modeling/sculpting. I'm also a 3D generalist and have a complete understanding of technical issues. have good experience with: _high poly/mid poly modeling (+3D print) _low poly modeling + baking maps _sculpt and re-topology _developing app/games with unity _good knowledge of how to optimize assets to keep high performance in real-time engines. _hard surface PBR texturing. _10+ Years of professional experience.

I do mostly technical modeling and animations for Oli&Gas / Maritime / Airports Can work with Solidworks, 3DMax and Softimage


3D Modeling



I am mostly interested in hard surface 3d modeling and texturing. Also I do not mind digital sculpting.

Iron Solutions LLC (online name is Iron Digital) is a boutique CG art studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our studio has sprung up from Japanese game developer and publisher Tecmo Koei. Together with the partners for programming we worked on many interactive projects, games and apps (VR and AR applications as well) for both customers and developing our own brand. Our studio members have both 2D and 3D art as well as animation skills. Most of our artists have Art Academy art or design education.

An indie Games, App and web developer with production skills in 3ds Max, Z-brush and Adobe CS6. Can produce real-time game assets, animations and artwork following specifications provided. Has a life-long passion for fine art, traditional art & design, life drawing and sculpture with a solid understanding of biological anatomy and the development of natural forms. Constantly learning and improving skills to produce the best content possible for interactive applications, websites and media.

3D Artist

I'm Dan Marriott, a CG artist with a passion for exciting visuals. I'm primarily a hard surface modeling and texture artist, but I'm also skilled in lighting and texturing. I can model efficient high poly or low poly assets for use in film and game applications.