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Adler R

Registered: 2 days ago

I am a professional 3d artist with over 7 years of experience in the game and entertainment industry. I do specialize in character work but can easily adapt and feel the needs of a generalist. I can make assets for games, animation, and digital sculpting for collectibles and table top figures.


3D Modeling Organic Modelling Photography Retopology Sculpting Texturing UV Mapping


Blender Gimp Godot KeyShot Marmoset Toolbag Photoshop RetopoFlow Unreal Engine ZBrush

James B

Registered: 3 months ago

Hello I am James Blackwell and I am a 3D General Artist. I have a passion for creating 3D assets and applying them to real-time Engines. As someone who is Technically and Artistically minded, I also work to create tools for use on projects to improve time and efficiency.


3D Modeling 3D Printing Architecture Visualization Hard Surface Modelling Level Design PBR Texturing Rendering Retopology Sculpting Texture Baking


Blender Photoshop RetopoFlow Substance Designer Substance Painter Unity Unreal Engine ZBrush

Ross M

Registered: 7 months ago

I'm an Environment Artist currently working in the games industry. I specialise in 3D modelling using Blender, PBR texturing with Quixel Suite, Substance Painter and Substance Designer as well as environment creation using Unreal Engine 4.


3D Modeling Architecture Visualization Digital Painting Hard Surface Modelling Lighting Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Post Production Rendering Retopology Sculpting Shading Texture Baking Texturing UV Mapping


3ds Max After Effects Blender CrazyBump CryEngine GameMaker Studio Illustrator Lumberyard Marmoset Toolbag Maya Megascans Moi3D Mudbox Photoshop Premiere Pro Quixel DDO RetopoFlow Sketchfab Substance B2M Substance Designer Substance Painter TopoGun Unreal Engine UVLayout xNormal ZBrush

Ar N

Registered: 10 months ago

3D Artist specialized in Character design and Figurines modeling, experienced in Games production pipeline, with a background in Architectural, Urban, Graphics and product design.


3D Modeling Hard Surface Modelling Look Development Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photo-manipulation Photogrammetry Rendering Retopology Sculpting Shading Texture Baking Texturing VR & AR


3ds Max Arnold Blender Grasshopper KeyShot MARI Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer Maya Metashape Photoshop R3ds Wrap Redshift RetopoFlow Rhino Sketchfab SketchUp Substance Painter Unreal Engine xNormal ZBrush

Lorenzo P

Registered: 1 year ago

I'm a computer scientinst and 3d character artist. I'm specilised in stylized character for videogames.


3D Modeling Decimation Organic Modelling Retopology Sculpting Texture Baking Texturing UV Mapping


Blender Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer Quixel DDO RetopoFlow Substance Painter Unity xNormal ZBrush