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Lais Oliveira is an illustrator currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Having worked for editorial clients and concept art, using her illustrations on book publications and visual developments for animation studios.


Photoshop Procreate

I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist, and also have experiencein 3D modelling sculpting. I have a BA (hons) degree in game art from Futureworks university and have done a variety of commission and freelance jobs, including working as a comic book illustrator while studying at university. I am a driven and adaptable artist, capable of working in a variety of styles. My strongest areas are character and prop design and illustration, however I have plenty of experience working with environment illustration too. When it comes to 3d work I have experience modeling and texturing hard surface models like props/weapons and environment pieces, as well as having worked in character sculpting, modelling and texturing, and some understanding of rigging.

3D Character Artist

Skilled Digital Sculptor and Character Designer with experience in both 2D and 3D.

2D Artist

My name is Rainer Petter. I’m a Brazilian illustrator, comic book creator, concept artist and digital painting instructor with a degree in Visual Arts. I started to work as an illustrator in 2008, making concept art and illustrations for video games. Nowadays I usually work with card game art, concept art for mobile games and illustrations for magazines, books, and board games. I'm also an indie comic book creator. As illustrator and comicbook colorist, I had worked for Blizzard Entertainment (WoW TCG), DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Fantasy Flight, etc. As comic book creator I have 2 published books. O despertar de Zé Fogueira (2015) and Quem matou o Caixeta? (2018). Both are available to read online here in "comics" secion. I’m currently working as a freelance artist, but I can consider a remote full-time or part-time job.


Photoshop Procreate

I am a Berlin based visual graphic artist from Japan.Colorful idea and comprehensive experience of creating work for the editorial, advertising and design industries.

Concept Artist

Concept artist, designer and educator with a background strongly rooted in traditional Fine Arts and their importance in effective Visual Design. I have an unending passion for video games and the emotive story’s they can tell, I truly believe that they are one of the most beautiful and honest forms of communication because of the diversity of the medium and the unique experiences given to the player.

3D Artist

We are a 3D Studio based in Bulgaria that specializes in the creation of Photorealistic 3D Models as well as photogrammetry, character creation, rigging & animation, scripting, and simulations. In order to create the best possible quality for our clients and customers, we have dedicated ourselves to constant learning, which we have been doing for the past 10 years. Our team of 3D artists is skilled, efficient and with a ton of experience. The most important thing for us is to first understand your needs and offer you solutions, so don't hesitate to contact us.