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Digital sculptor for 3D printable products.

With 25 years of game industry experience, I have acquired a wide range of skills, from concept art through assets production and team management, to running my own game studio. Started in France, at Cryo in 1994 ("Hardline"), then Silmarils in 1995 ("Deus") and back to Cryo in 1996 ("Barb Wire", "Atlantis"...). In 1997, moved to the UK to work at Simtex on "XLR8". Joined Argonaut in 1998 as a Senior Artist on "Malice", then Lead Artist on "I-Ninja". Also contributed to "Catwoman", as well as various prototypes including "Narnia", "Mission Impossible", "Harry Potter" etc... Lead Artist at Kuju from 2005 on various titles including "M.A.C.H.", "Nucleus" and "Geometry Wars Galaxies". Between 2007 and 2011, Art Director at doublesix, involved in PS3/Xbox 360 projects: "Burn, Zombie Burn", "South Park: let's go tower defense play", "Top Gun", "Who wants to be a millionaire", "Strike Suit Zero" and "All Zombies Must Die!", as well as iOS games. Art Director at Echo Peak between March and August 2012. Started up Atom Republic in 2012, leading to Atom Universe in 2014.

Digital sculptor with experience in making miniatures


Netfabb ZBrush

Multidisciplinary CGI artist bridging the gap between rapid prototyping and digital design. 3D animation, modeling, lighting, rendering. Game ready topology AR/VR optimization 3D printing/scanning Photogrammetry

3D Artist

I’m looking to provide services in high-end product design, cinematic, advertising and media directed asset creation. As a freelancer, I've worked on different projects for individuals as well as companies, varying in complexity and requirements. Usually working on: - 3d product visualizations and animations. - 3d modeling for 3d printing, prototyping, mould making/manufacturing. - Creating custom 3d game assets for Unreal Engine, Unity and other engines. Skills: • Polygonal/Sub-d modeling, sculpting, retopology • UV mapping, PBR texturing • Product Design • 3d Product Visualization • Animation • Rigging (bone and pose morph) • Facial Motion Capture • Other

With over 3 years experience with a small team in designing for Game Designing, 3D printing, Designing Ornaments, 3D Character, Props and Small businesses. I develop everything models for Games and 3D printing.I have a fluency in different types of 3D software, from digital sculpting (ZBrush) through Maya.

Hardworking and motivated 3D Artist working as Creature/Character Artist. Experience in films / game industry and sculpting digital character. Solid understanding of all tasks for modelling. Still interested to work in amazing projects.