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I have 15+ years of experience 3d animation, CGI and VFX sector. I'm a generalist, my expertise is 3d rendering, modeling, layout design animation film, and VFX. website: http://creawhite.com/ imdb profile: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7522140/


I'm a passionate 3D animator and rigger... as animator experienced for more than 3 years in Maya ..i have a decent knowledge in every aspect of the 3D process and a solid ground in rigging and hard surface modelling besides animation and good experience in motion graphics

I’m a part of a creative service agency WOW-HOW - a one stop shop for all your digital content, from 2D and 3D art/animation to video editing and post-production! I'd dare to say we are lords of animation and as much as masters of creative view! Here you can find our latest showreel https://youtu.be/ZpzSsTIpZY0

3D Artist

3D Generalist 15 years experience. Like every aspect of digital production and have the versatility to learn new applications every now and then but my best experience is modeling from blueprints and reference photos, and surfacing both organic and hard surface. Quite experienced also in rigging and animating and camera tracking and rotoscope.

3D Artist

I've been working as a motion graphic artist and 3D artist for the past 10 years in Broadcast Industry. I specialize in motion design and 3D modeling. I am an expert in Cinema 4D and Maya. In addition, I can work in JavaScript too.

I am a responsible, reliable and hardworking individual. I have been involved in number of Hollywood feature films and commercials. I have 10 years experience in 3d graphics and 4 years in VFX industry. I have a strong foundation in photo-realistic renderings and extensive knowledge in particle and fluid simulations. I have 5 years experience in project management.

A proud recipient of the prestigious VES Award, I have close to two decades of experience managing VFX teams of over 100 artists. I specialize asset creation and special effects, Matte painting and VR360. We love to use our knowledge and innovation, combined with our state-of-the-art technology to overcome any challenge a client presents.