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CG Artist with wide range of skills in various graphic environments. Over 10 years of experience in 3d as well as 2d graphic design. That mix of knowledge and experience let me freely create beautiful and unforgetable deisgns of any kind.

3D Artist

A highly experienced CG artist, having worked at variety of 3D studios on a plethora of very diverse projects.

Professional 3D Modeler and Gamer experienced with 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Substance Painter. I like to work on Games and love to model High Tech/Sci-Fi Models, Cars Weapons Robots Space Ships are my favorites. Available for work on single projects or long term cooperation.

I'm currently working as an Environment Artist at NGD Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main focuses of attention in my day to day are Substance Designer materials, Unreal shaders, scenes set dressing, modeling and texturing.

3ds Max: Expert level 3d generalist,16 years of experience,(10 years professional experience) (Organic/Hard Surface modelling, High poly/low poly modelling, Uvw unwrapping with optimal usage of uv space, Projection mapping, character/Mechanical custom rigging and, Mentalray (Discontinued),Vray, Arnold, PhoenixFD, Character/Mechanical animation, Texture and material workflows on various render engines. Ornatrix hair plugin, Maxscript (Intermediate Level), Particle Flow) ZBrush, 10 years of experience, (Hard surface or organic sculpting, retopology workflows, texture painting & extracting necessary maps,Stylized texture preparation,stylized/realistic sculpting) Quixel suite, 5 years of experience:(texture workflows for UE4 and Unity3d and vray) Marmoset Toolbag: (Baking Normal maps and Material workflows for UE4) Adobe Photoshop:15 years of experience (Expert level photoshop user specialized in texture making, photo retouching,digital painting) Unreal Engine 4: 5 years of experience (All kind of developer tasks, VR /AR applications, Blueprints, Material and post-process workflows, Particles and FX, Environment design and optimization, Character and vehicle rigging and blueprint workflows, optimizing render passes, Sequencer real time rendering for production ) Unity3d (V4): 3 years of professional experience,2d/3d mobile game development, 3d Presentations of artifacts in Ankara Anatolian Civilisations Museum, Reconstruction of Ankara Augustus temple, Character, environment and prop workflows) After Effects: 12 years of experience (expert level)(Compositing, Color Correction,Nonlinear video editing for short animations/films, VFX, Element 3d Plugin )

I've always been passionate about 3D modeling and realistic rendering. My first core business is Web programming, but, as I am familiar with 3DSMax, Unity and other WebGL tools, I'm looking for others opportunities. It seems obvious to me that 3D experiences and Web applications are converging today, in some kinds of specific projects. I would be very glad in putting all my technical knowledge into your project.

I have 15+ years of experience 3d animation, CGI and VFX sector. I'm a generalist, my expertise is 3d rendering, modeling, layout design animation film, and VFX. website: http://creawhite.com/ imdb profile: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7522140/

3D Character Artist

We specialize in digital character and creature sculpting/modeling with over 13 years of Professional experience in Games TV and Film . We have worked on Projects such as Avengers ; Endgame , Avengers : Infinity War , Spiderman Homecoming , Xmen Days of Future Past , Thor , Disneys Beauty and the Beast to name a few . We are proficient with the use of scan data , ICT or creating characters from absolutely nothing

Augmented One is a Yerevan based 3D visualization studio, specialized in creating architectural, automotive and product visualizations, VR/AR experiences and animation walk-through.

I'm a 3D generalist with a very broad range of skills from advertising/ film to games and products. I have a large range range of software knowledge including 3ds max, zbrush, ue4, Maya, marvelous designer. World machine. PS, after effects and more.

I am a 3D generalist who specializes in hard surface modeling and rendering. I have 3+ years of experience working on large scale event visualization, architecture visualization, product design, vehicle modeling and rigging, and hard surface modeling for video games.

Im a 3D artist, Ive been able to work in several projects related to 3d from videogames, vfx, jewelry, photogrammetry and toys. I mainly use Zbrush, but my pipeline includes: Maya, 3D Max, Subtance and Mari. Im part of the official Zbrush streaming channel and part of the beta testing of Zbrush 2019 and 2018

3D Artist

Hello im a 3D artist specialized in modeling texturing and shading any kind of models, character, assets, environments. I work many years as a 3D generalist in a studio called Kamikaze studio here in mexico and actually Im CG freelancer in videogame industry as character artist.

Over 10 years Game and Indie Experience with over 4 shipped titles. Specializing in VR and Mobile Game Development. We worked on Crystal Rift, Windlands 1 + 2, SuperTrucks off Road and some more games around the world. We are currently a small team of 2, myself and my apprentice. My apprentice takes care of low poly modeling and I take care of the rest of the business. We have a broad range of skills and knowledge base.

3D Character Artist

3D Character Design: Concepts, High poly modeling, 3D Sculpting, Anatomy, Lowpoly pipelines, Texturing 3D Hardsurface Modeling Available for freelance or Full-time Job

I'm a 3D Artist, specialized in Character modelling for games and 3dprinting with years of experience also in Props and Hard-Surface modelling. I have a positive attitude, proactive, I love new challenges and I always work on improving myself.

I am a 3D Environment Artist who specializes in the production of assets for real-time environments. I can reliably produce assets for modern Game Engines such as (but not limited to), UE4, Unity, and the Source Engine. I have more than 3-5 years experience with the following software packages: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Agisoft Photoscan. I can provide you with Procedural Materials, Hard-Surface Models, and Organic props optimized for use within a game engine.