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3D Artist

Hello im a 3D artist specialized in modeling texturing and shading any kind of models, character, assets, environments. I work many years as a 3D generalist in a studio called Kamikaze studio here in mexico and actually Im CG freelancer in videogame industry as character artist.

3D Creature Artist

During 10+yrs I specialize on character, organic modeling and various objects creation from base mesh to final model/image including, hi-poly sculpting, hi-detail texturing, hair/fur- styling, shading and rendering, dynamics simulation, VFX, PFX, compositing, editing and I have the professional experience in creating advertising, film post-production, animation, animated feature film, interactive and 3d mapping content.

I'm a young CG Character Artist. I studied modeling for 8 years in France. I specialized in character modeling and sculpting in Zbrush for shorts, games and animated series.