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Mariano R

Registered: 1 year ago

Hello im a 3D artist specialized in modeling texturing and shading any kind of models, character, assets, environments. I work many years as a 3D generalist in a studio called Kamikaze studio here in mexico and actually Im CG freelancer in videogame industry as character artist.


3D Modeling 3D Scanning Concept Art Fluid Simulation Hair/Fur Grooming Hard Surface Modelling Lighting Look Development Matte Painting PBR Texturing Sculpting UV Mapping VFX


3ds Max After Effects Arnold FumeFX KeyShot KRAKATOA Metashape Ornatrix Phoenix FD Photoshop RealFlow RealityCapture Substance Painter V-Ray ZBrush

Yuriy D

Registered: 2 years ago

During 10+yrs I specialize on character, organic modeling and various objects creation from base mesh to final model/image including, hi-poly sculpting, hi-detail texturing, hair/fur- styling, shading and rendering, dynamics simulation, VFX, PFX, compositing, editing and I have the professional experience in creating advertising, film post-production, animation, animated feature film, interactive and 3d mapping content.


3D Modeling Compositing Hair/Fur Grooming Lighting Organic Modelling Particle Effects Rendering Retopology Sculpting Shading Texturing UV Mapping VFX


After Effects Arnold KRAKATOA MARI Maya Mudbox Photoshop RealFlow SpeedTree TopoGun UVLayout ZBrush

Romain B

Registered: 3 years ago

I'm a young CG Character Artist. I studied modeling for 8 years in France. I specialized in character modeling and sculpting in Zbrush for shorts, games and animated series.


3D Modeling Hair/Fur Grooming Lighting Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Rendering Retopology Sculpting Shading Texturing Turntables


3ds Max After Effects Backburner FumeFX KeyShot KRAKATOA Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer Photoshop Premiere Pro Redshift TopoGun Trapcode V-Ray xNormal ZBrush