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I am a highly results-driven, self-motivated, resourceful 3D aritst, with an ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into high class CG imagery. With 13 years experience in the CG, games and VR industry, have completed a number of successful AAA and mobile game titles. Experienced in a variety of production pipelines and well versed in high to low poly modelling and digital sculpting. Experienced working in and contributing to a creative environment alongside designers and coders. Possess the ability to see the big picture and continually develop new and inspiring approaches to a project.

Hi Currently I am working as a Lead 3D modeler in a Local company Named Auleek Ltd. I have over 10 years of experience 3d modeling and texturing sector. Working pipeline Zbrush, Maya, 3d Studio max, keyshot, Photoshop and Illustrator . Speciality: Modeling: hard surface, engine, mechanical, sci-fi concept, props, furniture Texturing: manual/procedural texturing/PBR using Photoshop/Quixel. Presentaion: Present the model perfectly with the help of keyshot/photoshop/Marmoset

3D Character Artist

My name is Mihail Lupu. I'm a 3D artist specialized in character/environment design, modeling/texturing and material development for games, cinematics and films. I am currently working at Gameloft as Senior 3D Artist but I'm always interested in working on new projects as freelance. With a strong traditional art background i have the ability to follow concept art very closely, to be a part of the art direction team and have the capacity to adapt to any given visual style. If you like my work and want me to be in your projects as 3d artist, feel free to contact me. http://mihailupu.ro/

3D Character Artist

My name is Mohamed Hesham, working as Freelancer 3D Artist also the Founder of an online 3D store called " CG StudioX ". "CG StudioX is studio started in 2019 and it's aiming to deliver premium PBR models for Next-Generation Games, VR, AR. we also have been doing lots of freelancing 3D projects for many clients from a small studio to big outsourcing companies like Disneyland pairs."I have skills in -3D Modeling. -Basic understanding of Rigging and animation. -Organic Sculpting. -Shading, Lighting, and Rendering. -Unwrapping clean UV's and texturing. -Having experience in Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Topogun, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, UVLayout, Knald, unreal engine. -Portfolio https://www.artstation.com/mohamed_hesham https://www.behance.net/mohamedhesham23? -Stores https://www.cgtrader.com/cg-studiox https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/CG-StudioX -Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1_EJbAaqN5twm-EOOHqDg

I am a 3d Character artist, works in a game company. i have 6+ years of experiences in the game industry and the CG production as well. I have work in CG movie as Norm of the north,Descendants,Swann etc and also I have worked in game as War dragons, IGT, TSW(Train Simulator), and 2+ AAA Game character (not yet published). I am very passionate to create the character for games. I like to play RPG games such as GTA,RDR2,Withcer3 and also I play some multiplayer such TF2,Overtach. Thanks

3D generalist with 3+ years freelance experience. Shipped prototype games on Android platform with knowledge of engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Unreal Studio and Amazon Lumberyard. Good knowledge of Augmented and Virtual Reality systems and new formats such as Apple Quick look and ARkit as well as Google ARcore. High standard of rendering in engines such as Blender Cycles, Maya's Arnold and Redshift respectively as well as interactive rendering in engines such as iRay. Skills include: Game Development Product Design Architecture Viz Animation Product Visualisation

My name is Serhat. I'm a 3d Character and Environment artist. Working in the industry as a professional since 2015.

5 years of experience in sculpture and 3d modeling, I can sculpt or model almost anything, creatures, objects, characters. My main tools are. zbrush and maya, worse I also use programs such as substance painter, keyshot, substance designer and marvelous designer, I have a puppy called brush and I like the video games also available for online games: D "addict to skyrim" I know, it is not online. ..

My name is Dujon Allen and I am a 3D Character Artist . My objective is to work on challenging projects with a team and in a environment sharing my enthusiasm and passion for developing ones skills and learn from other artists. At the same time holding creativity and teamwork a vital necessity.

I’m a team-oriented 3d generalist with a proactive orientation focusing on hard surface, environment, material and technical art. I have a fast and efficient workflow optimized for video games and a strong knowledge of the Unity Engine incl. shading, lighting, effects, mecanim, etc.

Creative Artist with a recognized talent for conveying personalities, emotion, weight, and motion. Collaborates well with others to generate and execute ideas within tight deadlines. Earned a reputation for dedication, humor, intelligence, and going “above and beyond” to help team-mates.

I am CG artist for over 14 years with focus on game art production. Mostly i do characters and props, but i model everything as well i do rigging and animation. Secondary is game dev in unity and ue4. I have worked in past, with few big ones, such are Disney, BW as outsource, and for many indies as well. Some of project i participated: Honda Acura NSX Itune app, Bullet Force mobile game and man other small ones. Now i work as character artist part time for NIbiru and Iplay.

I have been working in the game industry for more than 5 years as an environment and prop artist. I am specialized in creating high quality game ready asset. I am also specialized in texturing assets using the PBR workflow.

​I've been working in the games industry since 2007 and am principally a 3d character artist, but in the past have covered a number of different roles within the games and multimedia industry such as flash animator, UI and environment roles. Working on various platforms Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC and mobiles. Using Unity and Unreal game engines.

I've worked in the games industry for a decade. I am a CG Generalist, Modeler. I have also done Research and Development, Previsualization, Layout, etc. I have worked in games, commercials, 3d rides, promotional statues, etc.

I am a real-time expert with a large variety of experience with more than a decade working in the video game industry. My skill set is focused on all things dealing with environment art. This includes modeling for environments or props, texturing, shading, terrain building, lighting, effects, atmospherics and general interactive development. I also have a wealth of experience using Substance Designer and World Machine and primarily work with Unity, though I am familiar with Unreal as well.