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I have provided services in the marketing, literary, film, gaming and toy design industries, with skill sets including producing (Both live action and animation), writing/screenwriting (copy and narrative), 2D and 3D conceptual design, as well as photo realistic architectural/Archviz, character design and animation (I can emulate any animation style, Disney, 2D Anime, Photo Realistic 3D, you name it. I can also emulate the looks of hand drawn, cell shaded and watercolors), toy design and sculpting, illustration, editing, Practical SFX/VFX, Sound/Foley Design, Music Licensing, graphic and website design, identity branding and marketing.

I specialize in 3D modeling video game characters/vehicles.

I am a 3D Character artist that has recently graduated from university and is looking for work.

I'm a passionate artist who wants to create and develop art that helps push the immersion of video games, films and any other forms of media/entertainment. To have the chance and opportunity to develop myself as an established freelance artist is an exciting prospect to work through CG Hero.

3D Character Artist

I am a 3d artist working with modeling characters and objects for games and collectibles. I currently work as a freelance

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D Character Artist with experience in game development. Graduated in Digital Games by Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais where I had the opportunity to learn about art production for games and animations. My main skills are: Digital sculpture; 3D Modeling; Texturing; Rigging; Animation. Please fell free to contact me for more information or request.

Currently living in Brazil, I perform low poly 3d modeling for games, and I do PBR texturing, I also have a lot of interest in creating 3d environments always seeking learning and also looking for opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge as a modeler. My complete portfolio is through www.therookies.co/guilrocha

I'm a 3D modeler, more specifically for games and I've been looking for work opportunities to show my knowledge.


3D Modeling
CG Generalist

Services in the field of 3D modeling, visualization, animation, 3D printing, CNC. Delivery of projects compatible with popular 3D modeling packages, Unity, Unreal Engine and / or ready for 3D printing, processing on CNC systems.


Blender Gimp

I am a 3d animator and I would love to serve you as an animation artist.

My name is Jonathan Doorenbosch and I am a game developer with 5+ years of experience in various fields of the game industry. I am comfortable with the entire game development pipeline from my experience solo developing my own arcade inspired multiplayer shooter game in Unity3D, as well as lead art roles across 3 shipped games. Proficient in PBR materials, lighting, texture art, you name it. I have worked as a character and prop artist, to designer all the way to animations and am comfortable programming with c#.

3D Character Artist

I am a professional 3d artist with over 7 years of experience in the game and entertainment industry. I do specialize in character work but can easily adapt and feel the needs of a generalist. I can make assets for games, animation, and digital sculpting for collectibles and table top figures.

Ola sou deficiente auditivo, falo em libras, sou design de produto e design de veiculos. Trabalho com blender 3d e 3ds max renderizadores como cycles, vray e keyshot. Tamb[em trabalho com marvelous designer, design de roupas e camas.

I'm a 3d generalist with interest in most parts of the 3d pipeline. My bigger focus however is on modelling and texturing. I'm very open to making other types of work and hasty to learn new skills and softwares if necessary to make different projects with different demands.

3D Artist

Hello, my name is Sandeep. I am a full-time Freelance 3d artist. I work based on client's specific needs. Always updating myself with the latest news and articles from the field I'm working on. Please get in touch with me to discuss further. Regards, Sandeep.

Daniel Quaresma is a Motion Designer/CG Artist based in João Pessoa-PB. Daniel is nourished by his passion in understanding the nuances of Art and Motion. Considering an "eternal student", eager to build even more foundation on your professional career, are always looking for the best way to imagine new ideas and gain new experiences. His hunger for knowledge and determination to transform information into art and action contributes to the finalization of his projects. Meanwhile, it greatly improves your productivity and ensures a balance between personal and professional life. Daniel believes that mindfulness at work is the key to success. A principle he lives through his interests in reading, meditating, listening to good music, painting, drawing, etc ... Daniel is currently working as a CG Artist and Motion Designer freelancer and is always interested in new challenges.

I'm a team-oriented 3d generalist with a proactive orientation focusing on hard surface, environment and technical art. I have a fast and efficient workflow optimized for video games and a strong knowledge of the Unity Engine incl. shading, particle effects and mecanim.

Hello. I'm a 2D/3D artist . Love to make art, create digital art/concepts/characters/enviroments/illustratios I like to take requests and implement them. Finish bachelor : "Design of Children’s Environment" and master level : "Computer games" at National Academy of Arts - Sofia. My last jobs was like 3d environment artist in Ubisoft Sofia and 3D Generalist-Artist in SnapshotGames

I have experience in both Unreal Engine and Unity having worked on various styles, genres, and platforms. With over 5 years of experience I have worked on various projects that include Mobile Games, Virtual and Augmented reality, Console, and Virtual Development Training Programs for the Department of Defense and Aviation industry. I can produce environments, props, and various assets that are low poly and game ready!

I am an experienced 3D generalist with strong skills in modeling, character design, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering. My background in engineering provides me with problem solving and communication expertise, and I am excited to take on any project that comes my way.

Ironbelly Studios is able to deliver anything from small scale to AAA across nearly every device on the market.. We offer a full range of comprehensive services under one convenient and efficient roof. You’ll never have to worry about tracking down or taking risks on multiple people with unproven track records.