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Hi, how are you? My name is Brunno and I'm looking for a Job, I'm 21 years old and I graduated in Audiovisual Production in January this year, since then I worked with series and games. What I like to do most are environments, from modeling to post production, with my main focus being on textures. If you have a Job in which my profile fits, I would very much like to have an opportunity. Thank you for your attention.

Hard Surface Artist

I am a software specialist & Technical Artist with broad experience in CG asset creation for VR applications and asset optimization for the mobile platform. Professional CG artist/3D artist who is specialized in the creation of highly detailed CG artwork. Always enjoys using imagination to envision new ideas. Has a deep passion for arch-viz, artwork, VR, AR, and video game contents which is where most of the inspirations originate. Passionately mentors creative department teams and conducts technical training to industry professionals to surpass goals and client expectations. Enthusiastic and creative with exceptional flexibility and resourcefulness in recent technologies.

I Graduated from a Private College in 2018 where I majored in Graphic Design. I have been using Blender for 9 years on and off on a personal level. I am currently working on a 2d platformer using blender low poly 3d models and unity as the game engine. I am in the process of getting more familiar with C# Scripting to advance my knowledge in the game dev industry. I have been programming for a better part of 2 years now. I am able to read and debug C# code fairly quickly. Unity was very easy for me to pick up because of my experience with Blender3D.

Multi-talented and detail attentive Game Artist in both 2D and 3D designs. Willing to share my talents and technical knowledge in 3D modeling, Digital Sculpting, Texturing, 2D and 3D Animation, Conceptual and Graphic Design, and Traditional and Digital Arts. Main focus in character art and efficient at hard surface modeling, background in graphic design, illustration, and fine art.

I'm a passionate artist who wants to create and develop art that helps push the immersion of video games, films and any other forms of media/entertainment. To have the chance and opportunity to develop myself as an established freelance artist is an exciting prospect to work through CG Hero.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my services, which is to help industry, broadcast, gaming, Archiviz with any visual 3D assets. I'm a 3D Designer, and worked using it in several kind of market since 2012, I'm friendly, professional and commited with the deadline. I've been working creating assets for games and VR industry. 3D Modeler PBR Texturing and Shading for game engines. Photography and post production.

Senior 3d artist specializing on character, creature and prop creation. Creative and capable for fast working process, with good grasp for adapting for new features and tools for working pipeline. An achievement driven, responsible individual who is comitted to his work. Have skills for creating game assets and objects for 3d printing

I'm an architect and 3d artist. I work in 3d furniture and interior design fields. I specialize in 3Ds max, V-ray, Photoshop, photography and etc. I could create real 3d furniture models (classic, modern and official furniture) and architectural design with high quality. I also work in other fields like Catalog design, and photography about my experiences. I'd like to work freelance with other places in the world with the best prices and quality. Furthermore, I experienced remote work with other countries that you could see in my portfolio. Best regards,

3D Weapons Artist

Trying to make use of my Talent and Passion in Game Art 😊 Pls do, Check my Portfolio & Artstation, Behance Page to see my works.

Olá, meu nome é Esdras, tenho 38 anos, sou casado e um filho.Designer há 9 anos, adoro o que faço.Objetivo, rápido e direto, trabalho em equipe, sempre respeitando o ponto de vista do grupo. Super criativa, postura profissional, rápida resolução de problemas sob pressão, persistência, essas são uma das minhas qualidades. Conhecimento aprofundado da modelagem em geral nas áreas orgânica e não orgânica. Game designer, ambiente e personagens, efeitos fx. Criação de modelo virtual como; stands para feiras, super mercados, lojas e casas. Designer de interiores virtual, designer de móveis e peças decorativas, animações em VR, designer de ambientes 3D surrealistas e desenhos animados. Modelagem para impressão 3D, processamento digital de imagens, preparação de imagens para área gráfica, web, fotografia e outras áreas que exigem imagens.

I'm currently working as an Environment Artist at NGD Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main focuses of attention in my day to day are Substance Designer materials, Unreal shaders, scenes set dressing, modeling and texturing.

3ds Max: Expert level 3d generalist,16 years of experience,(10 years professional experience) (Organic/Hard Surface modelling, High poly/low poly modelling, Uvw unwrapping with optimal usage of uv space, Projection mapping, character/Mechanical custom rigging and, Mentalray (Discontinued),Vray, Arnold, PhoenixFD, Character/Mechanical animation, Texture and material workflows on various render engines. Ornatrix hair plugin, Maxscript (Intermediate Level), Particle Flow) ZBrush, 10 years of experience, (Hard surface or organic sculpting, retopology workflows, texture painting & extracting necessary maps,Stylized texture preparation,stylized/realistic sculpting) Quixel suite, 5 years of experience:(texture workflows for UE4 and Unity3d and vray) Marmoset Toolbag: (Baking Normal maps and Material workflows for UE4) Adobe Photoshop:15 years of experience (Expert level photoshop user specialized in texture making, photo retouching,digital painting) Unreal Engine 4: 5 years of experience (All kind of developer tasks, VR /AR applications, Blueprints, Material and post-process workflows, Particles and FX, Environment design and optimization, Character and vehicle rigging and blueprint workflows, optimizing render passes, Sequencer real time rendering for production ) Unity3d (V4): 3 years of professional experience,2d/3d mobile game development, 3d Presentations of artifacts in Ankara Anatolian Civilisations Museum, Reconstruction of Ankara Augustus temple, Character, environment and prop workflows) After Effects: 12 years of experience (expert level)(Compositing, Color Correction,Nonlinear video editing for short animations/films, VFX, Element 3d Plugin )

3D Artist

I'm a 3D artist with the experience of working in the game industry for 5 years with a few games realeased. Most of my job was based on making Hard-Surface assets, which is my strongest skill. Lately I worked in several racing games, being responsible for the creation of some vehicles from scratch, from modelling, texturing and implementation on the engine. In these past years, I have worked in different things besides 3D modelling, including Level Design, Technical Art and VFX.

I'm a 3D Artist with 7+ years in the videogame industry. I have experience working as an outsourcing artist with over 15 different companies including Blizzard, EA, Bioware, Capcom, SOE, and many others. I also have professional experience as a Lead Artist and Technical Artist as well. I focus on creating environments and props but also have some experience with characters. You can expect high-quality, professional 3D models from me, with clean topology and efficient UV mapping. I am flexible in adapting to different styles as needed. I am happy to provide my art portfolio upon request. Feel free to contact me if you have any job opportunities available!

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D artist by trade who specialises in modelling and texturing both in high and low poly and these last years I have worked on character and environment creation. I usually draw my own concept art to define my final work.   I really enjoy creating 3d printable miniatures or little assets for Wargames and environments. Having been fortunate enough to study and work as a freelancer, I have accumulated a variety of experiences and skills.

3D Character Artist

Am a 3d generalist currently working in a mobile games company, have been freelancing for around 5 years now, experienced in modeling, texturing and rendering.

3D Artist

Hello, my name is Sandeep. I am a full-time Freelance 3d artist. I work based on client's specific needs. Always updating myself with the latest news and articles from the field I'm working on. Please get in touch with me to discuss further. Regards, Sandeep.