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Kem Y

Registered: 2 months ago

Specializing in 3D Environment Art. Materials, Lighting & Terrain.


3D Modeling Decimation PBR Texturing Retopology Texture Baking Texturing


Anvil Maya Photoshop Substance Designer Substance Painter Unity Unreal Engine

Nathaniel L

Registered: 11 months ago

I`m a professional artist of 13 years with a wide variety of experience in 3d artistry. I possess a high proficiency in both the artistic and technical sides of artwork. Additionally, I have been a lead or director for 10 years, and have worked on both sides (client and contractor) of outsourcing, giving me a solid understanding of the needs for both parties.


3D Modeling Art Direction Hard Surface Modelling Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photo-manipulation Retopology Sculpting Texture Baking Texturing UV Mapping


3ds Max Anvil Frostbite Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer Maya Photoshop Substance Designer Substance Painter xNormal ZBrush

Vanya P

Registered: 1 year ago

Hello. I'm a 2D/3D artist . Love to make art, create digital art/concepts/characters/enviroments/illustratios I like to take requests and implement them. Finish bachelor : "Design of Children’s Environment" and master level : "Computer games" at National Academy of Arts - Sofia. My last jobs was like 3d environment artist in Ubisoft Sofia and 3D Generalist-Artist in SnapshotGames


3D Modeling Concept Art Concept Design Digital Painting Illustration Retopology Texturing


3ds Max Anvil CryEngine Gimp KeyShot Marmoset Toolbag MODO Photoshop Substance B2M Substance Painter Unity ZBrush