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David Y

Registered: 2 years ago

Concept designer with advanced knowledge in 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering. Blends design and technology to deliver creative solutions for pre-production and production pipelines. • Strong hard-surface skills • High focus on design and functionality • Great ability to learn, adapt, and improve workflows and tools. • Ability to follow director’s vision, and complete tasks as efficiently as possible • Great focus on team collaboration • Determined and organized


3D Modeling Compositing Concept Art Concept Design Digital Painting Hard Surface Modelling Illustration Matte Painting Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photo-manipulation Sculpting Sketching Training


3D-Coat 3ds Max After Effects ANSYS Arnold KeyShot MARI Marmoset Toolbag Maya Moi3D Mudbox Photoshop Quixel DDO SolidWorks Substance Painter UVLayout xNormal