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I Graduated from a Private College in 2018 where I majored in Graphic Design. I have been using Blender for 9 years on and off on a personal level. I am currently working on a 2d platformer using blender low poly 3d models and unity as the game engine. I am in the process of getting more familiar with C# Scripting to advance my knowledge in the game dev industry. I have been programming for a better part of 2 years now. I am able to read and debug C# code fairly quickly. Unity was very easy for me to pick up because of my experience with Blender3D.

3D Character Artist
3D Environment Artist

As far i remember I´ve always like to design , create and model everything from vehícles,characters,scenarios. With children mind wihout any skill or acknowldgement . I spent hours drawing, sculpting, and making histories for characters and héroes in my mind. This lead me to start a learning journey for different skills and techniques to the date , for becoming a Digital Artist.

Whether You are a Startup or a Big Corporation, our mission is to help showcase Your Product and to help Your Viewers get better understanding of Your Product. More than ten years of experience in 3D | compositing. My services include the creation of 3D models and animations for the commercial advertising. Realistic 3D Product | Design | Explainer | Visualization | 3D Prototyping | Rendering | Animation I guarantee great attention to detail and on time delivery. - Realistic 3D Product Visualization | Rendering and Animation - Production of photo-realistic product renderings and animations - Automobile visualization - Interior visualization - Production of 3D content for print, advertising, games - 3D modeling low | high poly, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering - 3D animation | 3D visualization - Compositing | post production | VFX Software skills: Modo, Mari, Octane, Softimage | xsi, Redshift3D, Bmd Fusion Studio, Nuke, Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, Krita, Zbrush Available For Freelancing. 3D Artist | Daniel Brok

I'm a team-oriented 3d generalist with a proactive orientation focusing on hard surface, environment and technical art. I have a fast and efficient workflow optimized for video games and a strong knowledge of the Unity Engine incl. shading, particle effects and mecanim.

I specialize in photorealistic product visualization. I am skilled in Blender, MODO and Octane Render

I offer top-notch Digital product visualizations and can provide a high level of photo-realism to make sure your product stands out in the market. I'm specialized in modeling and developing 3D products for High-Quality visuals. You can head over to my site below which is mentioned in the portfolio section of my profile. I'm looking for a long-term project so if you have any product that needs help with 3D rendering for photorealistic output then please message me quick here.

I am 3d professional modeling and texturing artist with 3 years of industry experience and 3 years of freelance experience. The reason why my clients love me and foster a long-term relationship with me is that I provide High-quality design and artwork with quick responses and after job services.

2D / 3D Concept artist with a traditional 3D training. I got a passion for working and bringing your ideas to life, using mixed methods.

​I've been working in the games industry since 2007 and am principally a 3d character artist, but in the past have covered a number of different roles within the games and multimedia industry such as flash animator, UI and environment roles. Working on various platforms Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC and mobiles. Using Unity and Unreal game engines.

3D Character Artist

Work as professional 3d artist since 2010 Responsible for characters, scenes and illustrations in various games (pre-rendered casino games) and projects. As a freelancer since 2014 working on couple of different projects and styles, characters and scenes for books, mascot and mobile games. Some participation on Real time games for unity also for libgdb (animation and rig) Lowpoly and pre-rendered game assets Focused on modeling and sculpting.