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3D Modeling

Currently open for opportunities in the field of project management, leading a team, account management or senior art consultancy, art direction. I was upon until recent a Senior Digital Artist at 3DEXCITE (formerly Realtime Technology), a division of Dassault Systems. I was a Senior in the Retouch team, where I retouched backplates for automotive marketing images. Also on-location shoot support was added as a task, where I travel to the set on locations worldwide and retouch for high end photographers and art directors. My tasks encompass photorealisticly retouch automotive images, for high end print brochures, supervise projects and lead multiple teams toward a common goal: get the project done in time, while keeping in mind artist, management and client satisfaction. I possess good people management skills, leading projects with multiple artists to a tight deadline, with great end results. I have a wide knowledge of post-production for film and print, and am always eager to learn the latest techniques and softwares. Supervising the project and lead the team towards a positive outcome is my daily strive, as well as share knowledge to the junior artists, share my opinion with stakeholders and advise decision makers. I have a big interest in the future pipeline of VFX and retouch, and always look out for any tool that can get the tasks done more efficiently, as well as following the market and spot new trends in marketing and technology. In my spare time I have a huge passion for all things VFX, more specific in the Digital Environments domain, with softwares as Isotropix Clarisse, SpeedTree, Megascans, Substance, Nuke. Always eager to follow that next tutorial on compositing, lookdev, layout, shading, texturing, lighting, rendering, ... I eat VFX - breakdowns for breakfast

I am generalist specialized in the modelling and texturing of environment&prop and characters. I have good communication skills and ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges. My previous jobs have allowed me to gain experience in managing an entire project, from pre-production to post-production. I have practice in translating storyboards and animatics into 3d previz, modelling environments & props, producing layouts in Maya and Houdini, creating simulations and shaders, set dressing and pre-lighting. I have demonstrated experience in games, commercials, VR/AR for interior design and films as a previs artist, modeler, texturing, set dressing, look&dev and layout artist. My software knowledge includes Maya, Redshift, V-Ray, 3D Max, Zbrush, Houdini, Unity, Photoshop and Substance Painter. I enjoy working with others and learning from them which makes me improve as an artist and I try to challenge myself with my personal work and leave my comfort zone. I am ambitious, dedicated and passionate about videogames and films.