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Concept Artist

Concept artist, designer and educator with a background strongly rooted in traditional Fine Arts and their importance in effective Visual Design. I have an unending passion for video games and the emotive story’s they can tell, I truly believe that they are one of the most beautiful and honest forms of communication because of the diversity of the medium and the unique experiences given to the player.

Hi, and thanks for stopping at my page! My core work is After Effects and Motion Graphics, but 16 years with agencies all over London have given an understanding of many related digital fields, from coding to camerawork. I work hard to go beyond the project brief, and many of my weekly contracts have been converted to long-term placements with agencies. Please do give me a call if you'd like to discuss anything! Dave 07786 511 670

Thanks for taking the time to consider our services. Threedeemee is a UK registered company # 09909792 and we are currently in the process of Research & Development for our core technology which is to help gaming industries and online retail with accurate avatars derived from their measurements but for the time being since we have all the tools and Softwares of the trade on the side we're also running an animation/video producing studio to generate some additional income. If you need help with any of your 2D, 3D or Visual Effects then my team of animators and I are more than happy to help you. We're friendly, professional and pride ourselves on guranteeing customer satisfaction and are looking to gather more testimonials for the time being.

I had experience to many path and careers such as painting , sculpture , graphic design , figure drawing , ... . had experiences to different art forms has given me a board perspective on the arts allowing me to mix diferent art forms together to create new style and unique works of art.

3ds Max: Expert level 3d generalist,16 years of experience,(10 years professional experience) (Organic/Hard Surface modelling, High poly/low poly modelling, Uvw unwrapping with optimal usage of uv space, Projection mapping, character/Mechanical custom rigging and, Mentalray (Discontinued),Vray, Arnold, PhoenixFD, Character/Mechanical animation, Texture and material workflows on various render engines. Ornatrix hair plugin, Maxscript (Intermediate Level), Particle Flow) ZBrush, 10 years of experience, (Hard surface or organic sculpting, retopology workflows, texture painting & extracting necessary maps,Stylized texture preparation,stylized/realistic sculpting) Quixel suite, 5 years of experience:(texture workflows for UE4 and Unity3d and vray) Marmoset Toolbag: (Baking Normal maps and Material workflows for UE4) Adobe Photoshop:15 years of experience (Expert level photoshop user specialized in texture making, photo retouching,digital painting) Unreal Engine 4: 5 years of experience (All kind of developer tasks, VR /AR applications, Blueprints, Material and post-process workflows, Particles and FX, Environment design and optimization, Character and vehicle rigging and blueprint workflows, optimizing render passes, Sequencer real time rendering for production ) Unity3d (V4): 3 years of professional experience,2d/3d mobile game development, 3d Presentations of artifacts in Ankara Anatolian Civilisations Museum, Reconstruction of Ankara Augustus temple, Character, environment and prop workflows) After Effects: 12 years of experience (expert level)(Compositing, Color Correction,Nonlinear video editing for short animations/films, VFX, Element 3d Plugin )

I have been in the game/CG industry close to 6 years. I have a wide skill set involving in numerous stages of game development. I have worked on preproduction storyboarding and concept development to game development; Character and environment modeling. I have also worked on photogrammetry and 3d scans, turning data to game-ready assets.

We are a team of young but gifted specialists with an enviable portfolio.Years of active work and continuous improvement brought us a lot of interesting projects, satisfied clients and invaluable experience. We understand the difference between good and bad design and we prefer the former to the latter one. We love our work and we believe it’s our greatest achievement.

I am a 3d animator and I would love to serve you as an animation artist.

I'm a passionate Art Generalist that has 6+ year experience in creating art on various different styles and mediums. Having working commercially, I've worked on shipped titles with major IPs such as: Mattel, Dreamworks, Bandai Namco, SYFY. I'm very versatile in production and are able to jump between art roles. I have a strong grasp of games and art aesthetics while being able to work swiftly. Feel free to contact me to talk about how I can help you with your project. Portfolio: https://blackleaf.artstation.com/

With 25 years of game industry experience, I have acquired a wide range of skills, from concept art through assets production and team management, to running my own game studio. Started in France, at Cryo in 1994 ("Hardline"), then Silmarils in 1995 ("Deus") and back to Cryo in 1996 ("Barb Wire", "Atlantis"...). In 1997, moved to the UK to work at Simtex on "XLR8". Joined Argonaut in 1998 as a Senior Artist on "Malice", then Lead Artist on "I-Ninja". Also contributed to "Catwoman", as well as various prototypes including "Narnia", "Mission Impossible", "Harry Potter" etc... Lead Artist at Kuju from 2005 on various titles including "M.A.C.H.", "Nucleus" and "Geometry Wars Galaxies". Between 2007 and 2011, Art Director at doublesix, involved in PS3/Xbox 360 projects: "Burn, Zombie Burn", "South Park: let's go tower defense play", "Top Gun", "Who wants to be a millionaire", "Strike Suit Zero" and "All Zombies Must Die!", as well as iOS games. Art Director at Echo Peak between March and August 2012. Started up Atom Republic in 2012, leading to Atom Universe in 2014.

I am a graphic designer and concept artist. I finished art studies. 10 years experience in game industry. I love to conquer new horizons, and thus I am open to unconventional projects. I use and I move smoothly in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Open Canvas 1, Gimp, Clip Studio Paint.

2Skol Visual is a team of professionals with experience in the field of visual communication and design. It provides quality services for the entertainment industry and it's willing to cooperate with professionals like architects, engineers, designers, real estate agencies and companies operating in the furniture and 3D sectors. No details are left behind and this attention enhances the global vision.

3D Animation graduate with a background in scenography and paid experience in VFX, illustration and graphic design, as well as mask making. I've also had art exposed in multiple galleries and have volunteering experience in illustration, game art and video editing. Currently based in Glasgow available for full-time work. I have leeway to work all over the EU as a Romanian citizen and have obtained pre-settled status in the UK. Showreel – https://vimeo.com/333953103

Concept Artist

Animation cartoon Rigging & Positive characters / soulful mascots design (Design for 2D and 3D). Also we love to design positive soulful characters in 3D, and for exclusive clients with interesting jobs we are ready to do full pipe-line of character development, include texturing with our lead artist. ► Our Rigging powered with: Two TOP-professional cartoon riggers. Reel: https://vimeo.com/336427767 www.balbobia.com

I’m a part of a creative service agency WOW-HOW - a one stop shop for all your digital content, from 2D and 3D art/animation to video editing and post-production! I'd dare to say we are lords of animation and as much as masters of creative view! Here you can find our latest showreel https://youtu.be/ZpzSsTIpZY0