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I am a Full-time freelance 3D Artist. My main focus is characters but I have worked with Modeling/Lighting/Rendering for archviz and also modeling/texturing environments for games.

Hi I'm Nathan, I am 25. I started learning 3d when I was 11, I studied video game art for 4 years in the HEAJ school in Belgium, then I worked for 6 months at EnodoGames in Nice, France. 3 years ago I became free-lancer. I have done a few 3d assets for Dekogon. I animated short documentary films for the Tahitian television. I'm currently still learning to master vfx for cinema and I will direct my first cg featured musical video clip later this year.

A mid-level Environment artist with a soft spot for stylized worlds. Experienced in the creation of high quality 3D assets, textures and materials in the scope of creating immersive game environments. Focused under pressure, methodical & cheerful team player.

Passionate 3d artist who passed a lot of AAA\AA\A\B Titles working as Level Designer\Environment\Props\Hardsurface and Character 3D Artisrt. Such projects as Control ( Team Lead 3D Artist on outsourcing), Cyberpunk 2077 (3D Tech optimization and optimization pipeline development on outsource), Borderlands 3 (3D Character Artist), Baldur's Gate 3 (Senior 3D Environement Artist in-house) working closely together with in-house team with big passion and resprect to feedback, trying to get as qualified stuff as possible. Also been working a lot with mobile VR apps as full stack level developer.

Im a 3d student since 2017, trying to enter in 3d market now, when im confortable with the project

Hello, I'm Gabriel Reis, generalist and animator 3D artist, my main software is Blender since version 2.47 but I also master Zbrush, Substance painter and others. I've been in the market for a few years working mainly with realtime mobile, but I've done work of several types besides these. I hope we can close good deals together!

Hi! My name is Danieli. I am a freelance 3D artist, I work with realistic models and cartoons.

Concept Designer

3D artist with a focus on hard surface modeling and texture painting. Currently available for commissioned projects. Beginner level professional. Main focus on games, assets and props with a realistic and stylized approach. Constant learning person with PBR texture workflow and industry standards software, personal interest in creating characters and rigid surface props.

I am a beginner in this freelancing area but every day I am learning more in this virtual world, to show my way so far

Hello, I'm Carlos Carlos, I have a lot of skills and knowledge in 3D, I worked with game development applying techniques of modeling, retopology, texturing, UV mapping, besides making some renders. I worked for a few years in an independent studio called Crow game Studio modeling all the objects in the project. I have a lot of knowledge for sculptures and 3D printing, I am willing to do the best job possible.

3d Generalist with modeling, UV mapping, shading, and rendering skills.

I'm Eduardo, a Fine Arts student at UFMG, specializing in sculpture. My areas of interest are 3d, 3d animation and VFX, in their various applications. With the support of all traditional art that I work in the academy and personal works, in addition to some market experience with 3D freelances, integrated communication advisory internships, I seek to find solutions in graphic arts and 3D animations.


Blender Unity

3d artist from Macedonia working in the cgi and vfx industry for more than 10 years. I have classic art training in high school and university as a sculptor, and have a strong interest and experience in all aspects of cgi workflow

More than a decade working in the fields of the 3D game industry for various projects... https://anyvel.wixsite.com/portfolio

3D Artist

Self-taught concept and 3D artist familiar with all stages of asset production. Currently works as a Lead Technical Artist for a small indie startup. Looking for additional work opportunities.

3D Artist

Brazilian 3D generalist focused in 3D modeling(organic and inorganic) and animation. I also work with illustrations and concept art. Fluent in english. I'm open for new projects and oportunities!

3D Artist

Hi, my name is Daniela, I'm 21 years old, I'm a design student and passionate about the 3D universe. My goal here is to be able to carry out work in this area, with the maximum commitment, effort and affection. I have experience in organic modeling, hard surface modeling, texturing and rendering.

I come from a background of Graphic Design, Illustration and Product Development over a span of 20 years. During that time I have also created 3d models and illustrations for various clients around the world for print, commercial, film, and video game industries. For the last 7 years, I've been employed as a lead digital sculptor at Eleventyplex, a company in Cincinnati that specializes in toy sculpting and development.