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Graduated in Advertising at the University of Vale do Sapucaí, I completed the Zbrush course at N-pix, Zbrush Hardsurface at Viva Arte and Animaction / Rigging at BraveCG.


Maya ZBrush

I create 3d-models for games (high-poly and low-poly) and for PBR-rendering. I can make modelling, sculpting, retopology, UV-Mapping, baking, PBR-texturing and rendering. All models and textures those I made are high quality, have correct topology and usable for different tasks. My works: https://www.artstation.com/selenit

Im an 3D designer who takes Experience after 6 Years. Im studing animation and vfx aswell. I take projects in ambit of modeling, rigging, animate and shading. I work with the Programm Blender. Im happy for new orders. Check up my instagramprofile: renderthing


3D Artist

I’m looking to provide services in high-end product design, cinematic, advertising and media directed asset creation. As a freelancer, I've worked on different projects for individuals as well as companies, varying in complexity and requirements. Usually working on: - 3d product visualizations and animations. - 3d modeling for 3d printing, prototyping, mould making/manufacturing. - Creating custom 3d game assets for Unreal Engine, Unity and other engines. Skills: • Polygonal/Sub-d modeling, sculpting, retopology • UV mapping, PBR texturing • Product Design • 3d Product Visualization • Animation • Rigging (bone and pose morph) • Facial Motion Capture • Other

3D Modeler

I am 3D modeler and texture artist for games and VFX. I have worked at Adobe full time as a CG technical artist. My previous work includes work for Third Films VFX studio, characters and background assets for several indie games and more. I have good experience working with commercial projects and know several workflows from ZBrush to 3Ds Max and Maya, and creating PBR materials using Substance 3D.