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I am a passionate and dedicated professional in 3d character designing and modeling. I am customer-oriented, motivated, and devoted to my work and do my best to deliver my 100% to each of my clients. I have 2 years of experience in Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, and Marvelous Designer

Graduated in Advertising at the University of Vale do Sapucaí, I completed the Zbrush course at N-pix, Zbrush Hardsurface at Viva Arte and Animaction / Rigging at BraveCG.


Maya ZBrush
Hard Surface Artist

I am a software specialist & Technical Artist with broad experience in CG asset creation for VR applications and asset optimization for the mobile platform. Professional CG artist/3D artist who is specialized in the creation of highly detailed CG artwork. Always enjoys using imagination to envision new ideas. Has a deep passion for arch-viz, artwork, VR, AR, and video game contents which is where most of the inspirations originate. Passionately mentors creative department teams and conducts technical training to industry professionals to surpass goals and client expectations. Enthusiastic and creative with exceptional flexibility and resourcefulness in recent technologies.

Me, Animator and Artist. I have over 15 years of experience as 3d Character Rigger and 3d Character Animator. I have worked in 3D VideoGames, 3D Animated feature film, commercial, direct to dvd, director of animated shorts as well as video game cinematics. I currently live in Ahmedabad where I worked as Freelance CG Supervisor | 3D Artist | 3D Animator at Aswaforce. Within my animation I try to give the best performance possible and deliver something that will move the viewer. Also, I have been working on my on personal animation and artistic expression. I'm highly motivated person, always willing to learn new skills and perfect current ones and share my knowledge with others. I'm very good as part of team and always willing to make compromise for sake of team. I don't like conflicts and I always chose to make peaceful solution to any conflict. I posses great general knowledge which give me ability to quickly adopt to any situation and project.

3D Artist

I create 3d-models for games (high-poly and low-poly) and for PBR-rendering. I can make modelling, sculpting, retopology, UV-Mapping, baking, PBR-texturing and rendering. All models and textures those I made are high quality, have correct topology and usable for different tasks.

Im an 3D designer who takes Experience after 6 Years. Im studing animation and vfx aswell. I take projects in ambit of modeling, rigging, animate and shading. I work with the Programm Blender. Im happy for new orders. Check up my instagramprofile: renderthing


3D Artist

I’m looking to provide services in high-end product design, cinematic, advertising and media directed asset creation. As a freelancer, I've worked on different projects for individuals as well as companies, varying in complexity and requirements. Usually working on: - 3d product visualizations and animations. - 3d modeling for 3d printing, prototyping, mould making/manufacturing. - Creating custom 3d game assets for Unreal Engine, Unity and other engines. Skills: • Polygonal/Sub-d modeling, sculpting, retopology • UV mapping, PBR texturing • Product Design • 3d Product Visualization • Animation • Rigging (bone and pose morph) • Facial Motion Capture • Other

3D Modeler

I am 3D modeler and texture artist for games and VFX. I have worked at Adobe full time as a CG technical artist. My previous work includes work for Third Films VFX studio, characters and background assets for several indie games and more. I have good experience working with commercial projects and know several workflows from ZBrush to 3Ds Max and Maya, and creating PBR materials using Substance 3D.