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The goal of my work – is a high quality product that was tested by a wide audience, time and geography of customers. I believe in what I do and I ready to share it with you. For the past 10 years I have been co-founder and technical director of Animation studio Pixelation. I have more than 15 years experience in CG producing and I had the opportunity to work with many studios around the world and on various interesting projects. If you want to make your cartoon series, commercial, game cinematic trailer or maybe something else - contact me without any hesitation!

Thanks for taking the time to consider our services. Threedeemee is a UK registered company # 09909792 and we are currently in the process of Research & Development for our core technology which is to help gaming industries and online retail with accurate avatars derived from their measurements but for the time being since we have all the tools and Softwares of the trade on the side we're also running an animation/video producing studio to generate some additional income. If you need help with any of your 2D, 3D or Visual Effects then my team of animators and I are more than happy to help you. We're friendly, professional and pride ourselves on guranteeing customer satisfaction and are looking to gather more testimonials for the time being.

I am a Material/Texture and Environment Artist and above all I really love to create materials with Substance Designer, I like really everything about this tool and I am fascinated by the process of analyzing a material, gather reference and creating it procedurally. Additionally I really like to texture Assets and create environmental assets both architectural and organic. Creating an environment is more than "just" creating the assets and textures for me, I have a strong interest in level design and environmental storytelling. Therefore knowing how the assets will be used and what the story of the location the assets are meant for is, is essential because it influences what the asset will and can be in the end, how it looks, how it will be textured and so on. I am currently teaching Substance Designer and Game Art (Unity, real-time lighting, Substance Painter, performance, etc.) at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Being a passionate gamer myself, I am a big fan of RPG's and would be really happy if I could be part of a devoted and interesting team which makes great games. I am also always open to work outside of my comfort zone to learn new things and increase my skill set as an artist.

Hi, i'm from İstanbul, Turkey. Since 1998 i'm working for hundreds of 2d, 3d and live-action projects as producer, director, vfx artist, vfx supervisor, freelancer and developer.

Game artist and aspiring indie gamedev

Specialties: Character TD , Pipeline TD , Rigger and making script and tools for artist. I enjoy 3d math , modeling and animation ! Strong knowledge in Maya ,Python , Mel Script ,PySide ,Maya Api , 3d math , anatomy , motion . I am always researching and developing very innovative methods. I have more than seven years of professional experience as Character Technical Director and I’ve worked in more than three animated feature film


My name is Jennifer Cruz. I have experience as being a CFX Artist at Reel Fx for the new film Scoob. I have been credited on 2 TV/DVD films with the following titles: rigging lead, cloth simulation, lighting lead, texturing, render manager, quality control, and animator. I have a BFA in animation and an MFA in Visual Effects. Both degrees from SCAD. I am also the owner of https://www.cgjctools.com It is a start up company in which I sell plug-ins and soon will also have courses and tutorials for sale as well.

KIRARITO was founded in 2014 and provides the biggest and most comprehensive art outsourcing service for game development, which is now used by more than 80% of major game publishers in Japan. We are based in Tokyo and in San Francisco, and have the most skilled directors and artists standing ready to work on your project. Our fields of work includes 2D design, UI/UX solutions, Production focused 3D, Video Games focused 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects.

I am a 3d artist with some passions in creating CG characters, my interests includes exploring certain new softwares/technologies, programming (Python), drawings and readings. I enjoy animations and like to be able to be work on some great animation projects.

Tokkun Studio is a visual development studio dedicated to creating high-end art for most celebrated entertainment companies in the world. Since 2006, our experienced staff (come with up to 20 years of industry experience) have contributed design more than 200 projects for some of the most successful franchises in games and film and became one of the most prolific and experienced studio on the market. Tokkun Studio is located in France & Japan (Kyoto).

I am a CG Artist working in Animation movies/ VFX industry for over an decade. My core skills: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, Editing Secondary skills: Character Modeling, Hard surface animation. Thanks

My name is Ahmed Shalaby and i am character TD , i'm interested in technical issues of 3D and how to make animators lives much more easier. My knowledge includes basically 3dsMax ,MXS , Maya , MEL and python. Developing Rigs and animation solutions is a passion to me.


3ds Max Maya