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Hi I'm Nathan, I am 25. I started learning 3d when I was 11, I studied video game art for 4 years in the HEAJ school in Belgium, then I worked for 6 months at EnodoGames in Nice, France. 3 years ago I became free-lancer. I have done a few 3d assets for Dekogon. I animated short documentary films for the Tahitian television. I'm currently still learning to master vfx for cinema and I will direct my first cg featured musical video clip later this year.

My name is Denner Roberto and I work as 3d generalist in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. I have a degree in Computer Graphics from FUMEC university - Brazil (2015 - 2019) I am passionate about organic, hard surface modeling, and ilumination. I am new in the industry therefore open to learning oportunities!