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Illustrator and 3d artist, who loves good humor and having fun through the image.

Lais Oliveira is an illustrator currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Having worked for editorial clients and concept art, using her illustrations on book publications and visual developments for animation studios.


Photoshop Procreate

I'm a Brazilian based 2D Artist using painting techniques to create story-telling illustrations, character design and all kinds of 2D content for the art industry. I'm available for Freelance works.


Blender Photoshop

Fashion Designer and visual Artist. As a 3D artist, I work with 3D modeling of objects, clothes and scenes, textures and shading, UV mapping. I also work with video edition.



Hi! I am Binh, an freelancer of Architecture Visualization. I always think that experiences and challenges will make myself more perfect. I look for it every day and the person who bring it come, it is you. Have we never communicated before? Give me an opportunity to cooperate with you please. 1/ The services i offer include: - Interior, exterior rendering - 3D visualization rendering - Virtual staging 2/ The softwares i use: - 3Dsmax & Vray - Photoshop 3/ The Clients will be received: - Amazing quality images at an affordable price. - Great service


3ds Max V-Ray

At Kreative Kitchen, we bring you the premium designs in: 1. Concept Art 2. Storyboard Design 3. UI & UX Design 4. 2D/3D Character Modeling 5. Animated Video Making 6. AR/VR development Storytelling plays a major role in our task as UX professionals. We weave stories that captures your attention, provides clarity and inspires teams and stakeholders to take note. Our UI and UX designs, 2D/3D character modeling, empathy maps and journey maps are just a few instances of our wide portfolio of services. We offer premium services that cater to your needs.

I am a self-taught concept artist and illustrator. I like learning on the go while pleasing clients and friends with the work I do. I work on children's media, sci-fi, and adventure for both small studios and big alike. Let's work together!


3D Artist

Brazilian 3D generalist focused in 3D modeling(organic and inorganic) and animation. I also work with illustrations and concept art. Fluent in english. I'm open for new projects and oportunities!

The Game Forger is a game studio focused on art and design outsourcing for Virtual Reality, Videogames and Tabletop Games. Our team have more than 15 years of experience in different fields of 3d production.

I come from a background of Graphic Design, Illustration and Product Development over a span of 20 years. During that time I have also created 3d models and illustrations for various clients around the world for print, commercial, film, and video game industries. For the last 7 years, I've been employed as a lead digital sculptor at Eleventyplex, a company in Cincinnati that specializes in toy sculpting and development.

I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist, and also have experiencein 3D modelling sculpting. I have a BA (hons) degree in game art from Futureworks university and have done a variety of commission and freelance jobs, including working as a comic book illustrator while studying at university. I am a driven and adaptable artist, capable of working in a variety of styles. My strongest areas are character and prop design and illustration, however I have plenty of experience working with environment illustration too. When it comes to 3d work I have experience modeling and texturing hard surface models like props/weapons and environment pieces, as well as having worked in character sculpting, modelling and texturing, and some understanding of rigging.

I am a pro-active artist with a huge passion for videogames, and I am proficient in both Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max, skilled with hard surface modelling, and knowledgeable of the importance of good topology and UVs. Also capable of using my initiative to solve problems, along with being a good team player.

3D Artist, game dev and lowpoly lover. I love stylized arts and handpainted stuff. I worked 2 years at BitCake Studios doing 3d environments, props and characters for their games in Unity. I'm learning UE4 and Unity to improve my skills on the game development area.

3D Character Artist

I am a passionate character artist who focuses on realistic characters. I'm also involved in concepting and look development! Contact me if you are interested working together!

I'm a Norwegian concept artist currently living in the UK, with aspirations to become a great creature and character designer and creator.

I have provided services in the marketing, literary, film, gaming and toy design industries, with skill sets including producing (Both live action and animation), writing/screenwriting (copy and narrative), 2D and 3D conceptual design, as well as photo realistic architectural/Archviz, character design and animation (I can emulate any animation style, Disney, 2D Anime, Photo Realistic 3D, you name it. I can also emulate the looks of hand drawn, cell shaded and watercolors), toy design and sculpting, illustration, editing, Practical SFX/VFX, Sound/Foley Design, Music Licensing, graphic and website design, identity branding and marketing.

Design for me is lifestyle. Photography, jazz, and cuisine complement each other in my creations. Ambitious and persistent in my goals! I have been working for 24 years with digital animation and 3D illustration in the areas of: Publicity Architecture Product design Asset, Prop’s Games Engineering Exhibition design Movie As Asset Artist I do the tasks of Modeling, Texturing and Surface, in the production of CG assets with high precision, real photo and stylized with the highest quality. I am proactive, communicative and creative. If you need an artist with experience in the world industry, feel free to contact me to discuss your project! website: casadinamica.com.br