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I am a 3D Artist With knowledge in Hard surface Modelling, Organic Modelling, And PBR Texturing With Gaming and Productivity Pipeline.

I am a professional 3d artist with knowledge in asset/character modeling, shading, , fur & hair grooming and Houdini simulations. I have experience in creating 3d graphics for both real time VR projects, rendered animations and product visualizations.

Senior 3d artist specializing on character, creature and prop creation. Creative and capable for fast working process, with good grasp for adapting for new features and tools for working pipeline. An achievement driven, responsible individual who is comitted to his work. Have skills for creating game assets and objects for 3d printing

3D Character Artist

My name is José Luis Hernández, I am a 3D artist in digital sculpture, I love collectibles, creating characters, super heroes, creatures, science fiction elements, weapons and props for 3D printing and video games. I currently work as a freelancer.

3D Character Artist

Hello, i am an industrial designer specialized in 3d modeling and visualization, I have expertise in 3D Modeling CAD Designing, I like to create new shape for products.

I provide services related to a 3d modelling, texturing, rigging and rendering of characters/assets and clothing. My choice of software is: Maya, ZBrush, MarvelousDesigner, Mari, Substance Painter, Marmoset and KeyShot. Surely, I have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop . I have an experience with creating 3d characters for Unreal Engine.

I'm a proactive brazilian 3D artist. My expertise is designing characters and props for games. Worked in games, cinematics, AR, VR and documentary.

I'm a 3D modeler focused in characters with 2 years of experience, i'm Brazilian, and i'm still here. My main softwares are 3Ds Max and Zbrush, even working with characters I also have other skills, like poly by poly modeling, used in props, building, cars and a lot of others thins. I am very passionate about videogames, and working with something like that would be incredible.

Hi everyone. I'm a professional 3d artist.Working in the CG field for last 10 years. I Have Excellent Skill to Create Modeling, Texturing, 3d Environment also concept art ( Low/High poly modeling) My goal is client satisfaction to provide the best quality service.

Working in the CG field for last 12 years. I Have Excellent Skill to Create Modeling, Texturing, 3d Environment also concept art ( Low/High poly modeling). Love 3D/2D, study hard, practice, hard working.. My goal is to provide you best visual resources and build long-term partnership.

3D Artist

https://www.artstation.com/nathancavanagh I'm an Australian professional artist with 4 years of professional experience. I'm experienced with characters, environments, props, lighting, rigging, shaders and optimization. I'm flexible with art styles and relish the challenges presented by different styles of assets. It is my aim to maintain high levels of professionalism in both artistic/technical ability as well as client communications.

i am a senior level graphic designer and 3d artist working from more than past 20 years in this field., and having 99% completion with highest rating followup due to my quality of work and timely updates , messages, and discussions on task infos. and working with all types of products, from industrial to gaming , medical , interior exterior architectural and game assets., 3drendering, 3dmodeling, animation , and all graphic works

Thanks for taking the time to consider our services. Threedeemee is a UK registered company # 09909792 and we are currently in the process of Research & Development for our core technology which is to help gaming industries and online retail with accurate avatars derived from their measurements but for the time being since we have all the tools and Softwares of the trade on the side we're also running an animation/video producing studio to generate some additional income. If you need help with any of your 2D, 3D or Visual Effects then my team of animators and I are more than happy to help you. We're friendly, professional and pride ourselves on guranteeing customer satisfaction and are looking to gather more testimonials for the time being.

I am a 3D Artist based in Egypt, I have worked as 3d Artist for more than 5 years. During this period I gained experience in different areas of 3d graphics application. Now I have good experience in product modelling and rendering, unwrapping, texturing,Retopology, Low poly Game assets and 3d print designing. In my work I use: - Autodesk Maya - Zbrush - Substance Painter - Adobe Photoshop - Chaos Group Vray - Arnold - 3D coat - Marmoset Toolbag I’m a fast learner, I pay attention to details, I have never missed an agreed upon deadline and I am always doing my best to make sure that my client is happy and satisfied. Because of that, I may not be the fastest designer here, but my dedication to details and quality will be the right option for the growth of both you and your business.

We are a 3D Studio based in Bulgaria that specializes in the creation of Photorealistic 3D Models as well as photogrammetry, character creation, rigging & animation, scripting, and simulations. In order to create the best possible quality for our clients and customers, we have dedicated ourselves to constant learning, which we have been doing for the past 10 years. Our team of 3D artists is skilled, efficient and with a ton of experience. The most important thing for us is to first understand your needs and offer you solutions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D character artist with a solid understanding of anatomy and developing characters for 3d Printing. Over the course of my 5-year career, I've developed a skill set directly relevant to the 3D Modeler role, including • 3D modeling and 3D printing. • Character Modeling & Sculpting in Zbrush • -3d photoscan cleanup • Make a 3D printed figurine • create 3d models from the reference • Retopology , Texturing , …