Automotive CGI Visualisation

Connecting you with amazing artists and studios who specialize in producing automotive CGI from initial concepts through to vehicle 3D modeling and beautiful still renders and animation.

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Automotive Renders

Using 3D vehicles for marketing and advertising is extremely cost effective and versatile in comparison traditional methods. Using 3D vehicles allows you to be more flexible with positioning, location and lighting enabling you to produce stunning imagery in ways that you are unable to in real life and showcase the benefits of your product.

Rendered stills are perfect for many forms of media, such as catalogs, brochures, advertising boards, banners and web based media.

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Featured work by: Raul Fernandez
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Automotive 3D Modeling

At CGHero you will be able to source extremely talented vehicle 3D artists that have dedicated their career to mastering the art of producing realistic vehicle 3D models.

Heroes can work with your existing CAD data or reference imagery to create custom 3D vehicle interiors and exteriors to your unique specifications.

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Featured work by: Daniel Russo

Simulation & Game Ready

Need vehicles for simulation, your next game title, or even a virtual reality showroom? Our CG Heroes will use the latest techniques to produce real-time ready vehicles suitable for a variety of real-time applications and game engines.

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Automotive Configurators

Vehicle configurators are a fantastic way to showcase your product, enabling your customers the option to switch parts, materials and finish like wood, metal and fabric on multiple objects and tailor the vehicle to their specific taste.

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Rigging & Animation

Our Heroes apply the latest techniques that add an extra dimension to your vehicles. Showcase your vehicle in action, from simple positioning and posing to dynamic and physically realistic animation.

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