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February 15th Release notes

We’re excited to announce the release of some incredible new features and improvements added to our platform. Our development team has done an amazing job on not only giving our platform a new makeover, but some much requested updates as well.

The CGHERO development team has been working hard on our latest major release - bringing you a bunch of new exciting features, improvements to project, task and file management, communication and design all across the platform. You can now easily invite external users to your projects and manage your tasks more efficiently with improved visibility, custom labels and categories.

For any feedback or issues relating to this release, please get in touch with our team here or leave us a message in our feedback channel on discord.

Major release details


  • New Project List view
    • Improved project list view. This has been amended to include all projects (projects quoted on, my projects, projects awaiting quotes etc.) in one searchable, filterable list view for a smoother user experience.
  • Onboarding and creating projects
    • Greatly simplified the process to add a project, reducing the number of steps needed. Project details can also now be amended in Settings.
  • Project detail area
    • Improved navigation and ease of use.
    • You can now view your project descriptions on the Overview page
    • Added the ability to see when your project is in a “pending” state awaiting review by CGHERO. You will be unable to send invites to your project until it has been approved.
  • Team management
    • Addition of team management & management of roles to the platform.
  • User invites
    • Added the ability to invite users to a project via email, even if they are not already signed up to the CGHERO platform.
  • Hero Matcher
    • The Hero matcher has been removed from the platform and will no longer be in use.


  • Task list view
    • Added a task list view for a more simplified and easy browsing experience.
  • Labels
    • Added the ability to add three types of user entered types of labels: Labels, Status and Categories to allow for much more freedom to work the way you prefer within the CGHero platform.
    • Added “State” which will show the progress of the project (eg. “In progress” and “Done”).


  • Project file workspace
    • Added a project file workspace, in addition to our previous task workspace to make it easier to share files across your project.
  • File detail view
    • A new user-friendly layout on the file detail view when you click into a file.
  • File drag ‘n’ drop
    • Added a new drag and drop system in the workspace that enables fast file movement within folders. Users can click and drag a file to a desired location or use the "Move" option in the context menu to move it to another folder via a folder navigation modal.

Chat & Messaging

  • Click avatars/names to open chat
    • If you are working with a user inside of a project, you can now open a direct message with them by clicking on their avatar.

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