Chris Lawrence 26 March 2020

Epic Games Releases FREE Foliage Packs

Epic Games has just released 20+ free environment and vegetation products onto its Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Epic Games Unreal Engine

These products are permanently free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and include hundreds of optimized plant models and materials, a shader-based wind system, an interaction system, a dynamic low-poly grass system, a dynamic ivy creation pack and more.

Some of the assets that are available include:

  • Wild Berries
  • Conifer Bushes & Saplings
  • Tropical Plants
  • Ferns
  • Mediterranean Plants
  • Banana Plants
  • Spruce Forest
  • Giant Reeds
  • Meadow Flowers
  • Grass

Below are just some examples of the available assets, but these you can view all assets on the Unreal Engine Marketplace here: Epic Games Project Nature Free Resources

Project Nature Ground Foliage

Project Nature Ground Foliage

Project Nature Ground Foliage

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