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CGHero: Site Update!

New features include a navigation bar, some swish new pages and more...

Following our fantastic investment news, we’re delighted to announce some long awaited changes on the CGHero platform! We’re hoping these changes make the platform stronger, sleeker and more straightforward to use. This is the first of many slated changes; if I could shed some light on these exciting upcoming features, I would, but the dev team would murder me.

Nonetheless, here’s the amazing new features and renovations that are *now live *on the site.

Dark Mode

Maybe the most exciting new feature, you can now activate dark mode on CGHero! Do so by using the moon icon in the top right of the dashboard. Insider tip: the entire CGHero team uses dark mode. Fact.


Some great new UI improvements have been rolled out in the latest update, featuring a sleek new interface and easier navigation. In the newly re-organised menus, it’s now easier to set your availability, manage your notifications and view your public profile. You can now also check your reviews and jump to your assigned projects in one concise, easy to read and easy to find list. Yay!

Navigation Bar

A new navigation bar has been added to the left hand side of the site, which can easily be accessed at any time. This replaces the bar that was at the top of the webpage previously, and allows site-wide navigation without having to go back to your dashboard.

You’ll notice some new and/or updated pages, such as the portfolio and software selection sites, now listed in the navigation bar, too. This makes it easier for you to update your personal information and preferences.


You may notice a small change in the URL - the majority of the site beyond the Hero search and Community is now operating under “”.

Login Page

Our login page has also been renovated! Check out our stylish new interface below:

Mobile Improvements

These changes have also been integrated to mobile! We’re hoping this will make grabbing and bidding on tasks on the go easier, and hopefully will make your experience better when using the mobile version of the site, especially in comparison to before.

So, what next?

In the coming months, we’ll be looking at updating the project pages, news and community portals and the finance system. Keep tight, we’ll be posting all updates right here on CGHero.

Want to join the CGHero team and work on our site? We have a number of developer opportunities available now; apply here.

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