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CGHero Celebrates Reaching 3,000 Heroes!

We are very excited to welcome our 3000th artist to the CGHero community and take this moment to showcase just some of the amazing talent we have worked with over the years.

With our 5th year anniversary around the corner, we are so thrilled to have reached the milestone of welcoming our 3000th artist to our community.

We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase just some of the incredible talent we've had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Joseffyne Profile Picture


Character and Prop Concept Artist

Joseffyne is an amazing character & prop concept artist who has recently been working with us on a couple of projects for Daz3D, creating some amazing illustrations.

Early stage Female Character Design concept created for CGHero client, Daz3D.

Rodrigo Profile Picture


3D Character Artist

Rodrigo is a 3D Character Artist who has over 10 years of working in the industry. He has been collaborating with the CGHero Team to create multiple characters for Simutronics as well as Daz3D.

Kay Character was a real-time game asset created for the Simutronics title GALAHAD 3093.

Raul Profile Picture


3D Vehicle Artist

Raul is a very experienced 3D vehicle artist and has been working with us on retopology of a vehicle for fabrication, for Nimbus Dirigibles, which were used for the Live Show of The Fast & The Furious.

This video show the final fabricated vehicles and how they were used after the models had been retoplogised by Raul.

Arseniy Profile Picture


3D Visualization Studio

Arseniy is a family-sized studio specializing in Tech visualization and has worked with us on projects for Mathworks, VistaJet and Magmod where they created a number of simulation assets and production renders.

Tank visualization which is part of a collection of vehicles.

Evgeniy Profile Picture

Evgeniy (AKA John)

UE4 Architectural Visualization Artist

John is an incredible level artist who has been involved in projects for Nth Degree and Dock10 and has made a number of different Visual Set Environment in Unreal Engine for Dock10 as well as some further environments for Nth Degree.

A bedroom visualization rendered in Unreal Engine 4.26.

Marcos Profile Picture


3D Weapon Artist

Marcos is a very talented 3D artist focused in hard surface modeling and texture painting, and is currently ranked as our #1 weapon artist in the Hero Search. He's worked with us on exciting projects for Epic Games and Simutronics, having made some modular assets for Epic Games and a weapon for a character for Simutronics.

Mastodon shotgun weapon which is ranked as the top asset in the Weapon Hero Search

Juliana Profile Picture


3D Character Artist

Juliana is a very talented character artist who has worked on the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II, Forza Horizon 4 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We needed an artist to create some hair for Daz3D's male character and we were thrilled to get her on board.

Real-time mid-length male hairstyle for the male Daz3D character.

Tornado Studios Profile Picture

Tornado Studios

3D Art Studio

Tornado Studio is a 3D art studio and they have worked with us on a number of projects for companies such as Valvoline, STIGA and Mathworks. They have created product renders for Valvoline, STIGA and Vehicle Service Group (VGS) as well as some other simulation assets for Mathworks.

A product render produced for our client VGS.

Rajil Profile Picture


3D Hard Surface Artist

Rajil is a 3D Hard Surface Artist that has been working on a number of prop assets for our Epic Games Megagrant project.

Real-time building security light created for the CGHero's Epic Games Megagrant project.

Wabatan Profile Picture


Architectural Visualizer

Wabatan is an Architectural Visualizer who has been creating stunning render images for our clients and is currently ranked as our #1 Arch Viz Artist in the Hero Search

Small apartment interior render.

That's it for now! We've worked with some amazing Heroes over the years and there are thousands of artists we wish we could showcase here today, but you can view some more via our Hero Search! Click here to get to all the portfolios. We'll see you again at 4000!

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