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What is Temporal Super Resolution?

Unreal Engine 5's newest integrated tool for speedy rendering - but what is Temporal Super Resolution?

Temporal Super Resolution is an upsampling system built into Unreal Engine 5. Upsampling is a method that has been used extensively across many mediums, including photography, audio, graphic design and fine arts - and now, games development. Upsampling takes a media file, for example, an image, and boosts the resolution up to ten times without compromising quality. Unreal’s developers, Epic Games, have integrated this into Unreal Engine, under the name Temporal Super Resolution.

Upsampling is perhaps most known in Photoshop; a tool named Preserve Details effectively scales up an image without losing details or compromising quality.

What does this mean for Unreal Engine 5?

Essentially, the program will render frames in real time, meaning scenes will be displayed in 4k resolution by default, at the cost of 1040p, without hindering or limiting performance and hardware.

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