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We are a 3D Studio based in Bulgaria that specializes in the creation of Photorealistic 3D Models as well as photogrammetry, character creation, rigging & animation, scripting, and simulations. In order to create the best possible quality for our clients and customers, we have dedicated ourselves to constant learning, which we have been doing for the past 10 years. Our team of 3D artists is skilled, efficient and with a ton of experience. The most important thing for us is to first understand your needs and offer you solutions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Hello, my name is Mariélio Rodrigues Fernandes. I have a degree in mathematics and a postgraduate degree in physics, but for a while I stopped teaching and started to develop a startup focused on freelance projects in 3D modeling and graphic arts. I have many experiences with industrial construction, architectural and character projects. I have training and experience in the areas of geometry and topology. Recently, I am working as a 3D artist and producer of web content.

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D character artist, expert in digital sculpting, modeling, organic/inorganic modeling, PBR texturing, game asset creation, etc.

3D Creature Artist

Hello, My name is V3D Vendor. i am Professional CG artist and i have more then 7 years of experience in 3d graphics modeling (Low and high poly modeling), texturing, rigging, animation, hair grooming and simulation etc. I completely understand for low and high poly modeling. My specialized is modeling for WILD LIFE. I use 3ds max, Maya Blender 3D, Z-Brush, and Photoshop CS. i working with freelancing project attend and also work with my Turbosquid gallery.

3D Character Artist

Hello, My name is Maxime Galland, I'm a French CG artist, head of Alchemist Group, a company composed of Alchemist Games, Alchemist Pictures and Alchemist Academy. We are providing high-end quality content, from entertainment to more specific purposes. I Consider Myself as a generalist, I used many offline and realtime renderer engines. I work on environments as well as characters.

3D Character Artist

I am a 3D character artist with a solid understanding of anatomy and developing characters for 3d Printing. Over the course of my 5-year career, I've developed a skill set directly relevant to the 3D Modeler role, including • 3D modeling and 3D printing. • Character Modeling & Sculpting in Zbrush • -3d photoscan cleanup • Make a 3D printed figurine • create 3d models from the reference • Retopology , Texturing , …


SolidWorks ZBrush

I'm working in this industry for over seven years. I am specialise in: hight and low-poly modelling and UV mapping using 3DS Max and Maya, Blender creating normal maps in 3DS Max, ZBrush and Photoshop (with Xnormal or Nvidia Normal plug-in), texturing using Photoshop (colour and specular maps), sculpting, painting and adding detail to high poly models in ZBrush. Ndo2, Mudbox (texturing, sculpting), Marmoset, Topogun, All substance product, Im official tester UE4 from company Epic Games


Game Character Animation Motion capture Game character Rigging

I am 3D modeler and texture artist for games and VFX. I have worked at Adobe full time as a CG technical artist. My previous work includes work for Third Films VFX studio, characters and background assets for several indie games and more. I have good experience working with commercial projects and know several workflows from ZBrush to 3Ds Max and Maya, and creating PBR materials using Substance 3D.

Skilled professional with huge experience includes all stages of 3D Art production. Background includes solid proficiency in 3D Digital Sculpting, 3D Modeling (High/Mid/Low-poly), Retopology, UV-Mapping, Texturing (Baking, Painting, PBR & Stylized Texturing), high/mid/low poly models sets ready for game engines, skinning, setting up facial expressions, lighting, rendering, implementation in game engines, Photogrammetry, 3D printing. First of all, I care about quality and aesthetic.

Industrial Designer / CG Artist 3D Modeling & Rendering, Automotive design, Product design

Services in the field of 3D modeling, visualization, animation, 3D printing, CNC. Delivery of projects compatible with popular 3D modeling packages, Unity, Unreal Engine and / or ready for 3D printing, processing on CNC systems.


Blender Gimp

RM Visuals is an Architectural Visualisation Studio based in Glasgow with over 15 years experience in the industry. We create photo-realistic images that are both creative and exciting while surpassing our client's expectations. Our goal is to understand your project, your message, your audience, explore ideas, moods, materials and lighting individually tailoring the final visuals into something that will really shine. We want to wow you!

Concept Artist

I'm an experienced concept designer and illustrator, I've been working on film and games for more than 8 years and have worked with companies like Marvel and others.

3D Character Artist

Hi I am Shank Mehta, A CG generalist, having intermediate knowledge of all streams of 3d/2d animation, specializing in Hard Surface Modeling, Texturing and Lighting, Automotive modeling and rendering. Other interested areas are Character modeling and texturing. Have taught animation professionally for more than 6 years to hundreds of students. 13+ years of Industry experience, working on many software like 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, After Effects, Photoshop etc.

I'm skilled hard surface artist with versatile background of creating vehicles, props, environment pieces, characters, creatures etc. I can make models from scratch, bake maps, texture and create simple animations as well as put them into engine or render. I can create custom materials in Substance Designer and Photoshop. Compose renders in photoshop. I'm good in realistic estimation and going back and forth with feedback during the task. I keep track on software and workflow updates in industry. Like to learn new tips and tricks

I'm Dan Marriott, a CG artist with a passion for exciting visuals. I'm primarily a hard surface modeling and texture artist, but I'm also skilled in lighting and texturing. I can model efficient high poly or low poly assets for use in film and game applications.

I have made some thinks for the moding community of connan exiles. Worked as a 3D Artist at Piterion GmbH in Germany on the VR Branch and Studied 3D Game Art at SAE Stuttgart Germany. Currently im looking to make my portfolio biger and gather expiriance as a Freelancer.

Hello, I'm Oana, I am a 3D Artist specialized in 3D Stylized Models for Games, Animation, 3D Printing, and Toy Design. I am thrilled at the possibility of being involved in the creation of content that would make knowledge more interactive and expand peoples perspectives by using the latest technology.