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We Are CGHero: The Co-Creation Company

Introducing CGHero and our flagship platform Citadel - instant access to thousands of qualified, vetted artists on a platform that feels like it was made just for you.

If you’ve found yourself here on this blog - let us introduce ourselves! We are CGHero.

CGHero is the co-creation company. Simply, we believe the future is co-creation that is global, flexible, and scalable. The creative industries are bleeding talent and the traditional outsourcing model is broken. CGHero offers the solution.

We believe that no matter where you are, you should have access to your team of artists, and the means to scale your projects up or down in an accessible platform that feels like it was made for you. And likewise, we want our artists - our Heroes - to feel the same way, being able to present their portfolio to a global audience and apply themselves to jobs that only they want to do.

Our specialised suite fixes the problems of outsourcing, and our flagship platform Citadel gives studios and talent the means to collaborate, to cut the red tape, and deliver incredible, game-changing work at a price that’s fair for everyone.

CGHero Citadel

CGHero Citadel brings together qualified, vetted CG talent with entertainment studios across the world, and best of all, it makes the concept of co-creation a reality. Studios have total visibility and control over their project, while our Heroes are ready to meet any and all artistic challenges.

The Hero talent pool is totally unique to CGHero and includes technical artists, 2D and 3D specialists, animators and many more. We identify the right Hero for the task at hand, at the right time and for the right price.

For project leaders, Citadel consolidates all communication, feedback loops and payments. And for our Heroes, Citadel acts as an agent, managing and vetting requests for work, ensuring on-time payments and handling all the admin of freelance life.

CGHero is also excited to announce that we’ll be attending GDC this year! If what you’ve read is of interest to you, we encourage you to come by our booth and say hello! You can find us at booth N3012. We’ll also be running two talks this year: Accelerate Your Game Development with Citadel by CGHero and Solving the War for Talent in the Games Industry - we’ll see you there.

So now you know who we are, we’d love to get to know you! If you’d like to set up a meeting with CGHero for GDC or have any questions, you can contact the team here.

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