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The CGHero & Epic Games Collaboration

A detailed look at how we created three completely free customizable modular kits, built for military simulation training in Unreal Engine, in just six months.

Step 1: Assemble a Global Team

In 2021, CGHero worked with a global team of artists to create a series of military modular kits. The packs are completely free, and are based on military training bases. The kits can be used for both military training operations and as props in games, film and TV - or any other use you can think of for Unreal Engine. The kits were designed to emulate combat in MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) training conditions. By creating these virtual replicas, we aim is to help military contractors help reduce the cost and time spent creating real world scenarios.

How We Deliver Consistency

CGHero producer Matt built out documentation containing reference and asset specifications, which allowed the large scale team to deliver consistent asset quality throughout the project.

A total of 31 game artists worked on the project, based across 13 different countries. Our diverse team offered a range of skills and experience, which allowed us to create consistently high quality assets within a tight deadline. With our ability to scale up the team on demand, we were able to increase our output without impacting the deadline. Having 6,000 artists, we are able to scale to any projects need and still guarantee that consistently high quality work is delivered.

What We Can Do For Your Project

Our global approach to outsourcing means we can overcome the usual constraints and access talent on a universal, unparalleled scale. Each of our Heroes has their own vetted skillset, meaning we can select each artist, for each specific task.

Our speciality is rescuing and recovering projects, repeatedly saving the day for hundreds of clients.

Does your project need rescuing? Reach out to our sales team today for a quote on your project.

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