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Tom Gunn April 26th, 2024

Peris Digital Joins CGHero

The perfect partner to support with costume design, implementation and digital doubles.

Everyone at CGHero is delighted to share that we have partnered with Peris Digital.

Peris Digital is part of the Peris Costumes Group, the biggest costume house in the world with more than 10 million garments in warehouses across the world. They are experts in the dressmaking of costumes from all eras and genres and have provided costumes for some of the biggest names in TV & film including recent hits Napoleon, House of the Dragon, Bridgerton, Dune and Rebel Moon.

Alejandro Toledo, Creative Director at Peris Digital celebrated the partnership by saying:
"CGHero and the Peris Costume Group are joining forces! Our new alliance will provide unparalleled access to Peris’ millions of costumes, uniforms and armour transformed into 3D assets through the partnership of their digital division Peris Digital in alliance with CGHero. Experience costumes from every historical era from the Ancient World to the Contemporary with 100% fidelity, detail and accuracy."

Peris Digital gives a digital life to this massive collection of wardrobe by dressing virtual extras, video game heroes and metahumans with real clothes. Partnering with Peris Digital via the CGHero platform will enable game developers and studios across the world with an easy way to request pricing based on bespoke requirements, ensuring a decrease in both time and costs while maintaining exceptional quality.

Peris Digital can provide high quality AAA scans of any clothing item from any era to be used in the game or content development process. This includes all kinds of military garments, all kinds of cuirasses, boots, helmets, gloves, jewellery, hats, whatever may be needed from any historical period, or fictional setting, covering fantasy and sci-fi. This allows clothing design and production to be offered at a vastly reduced cost than producing from scratch.

Peris Digital already has a database of more than 500,000 photos of garments, perfectly tagged and organised by eras, years, and type of garment and scanned using a high end photogrammetry rig. The best in Europe the rig has 144 SONY Mirrorless Alpha 7c Full frame cameras, DMX Lighting Control in Collaboration with NVIDIA, Cross Polarization, 16k textures and 40 million poligons.

This all makes Peris Digital an ideal and welcome addition to CGHero’s platform.
If you’re looking for support with costume design and implementation or digital doubles please contact Sam at CGHero at

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